Itchy Red Ears: Causes and Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Red Itchy Ears

Causes of Itch Red Ears

Having itchy red ears happens to individuals due to different factors. The usual causes of red itchy ears could be an allergic reaction to season and environmental changes, bacterial or fungal infection such as psoriasis or swimmer’s ears, insect bites and improper or poor ear hygiene. In some instances, the ear irritation and infection is the precursor of itchiness. Because the ears are itchy, it is then followed by redness and sometimes even swelling and pain. Red itchy ears in itself is not a serious health condition but a manifestation that your ears need attention and have to be checked for proper treatment and management.

Home Remedies for Red Itchy Ears

To properly address your red itchy ears, it is essential that you determine the cause of the redness and you can only do this by consulting an ear expert. You should remember that the ears are connected to other vital senses such as the nose and eyes and leaving your ears untreated could lead to serious complications.

If you have already determined the root cause of your itchy red ears, you can then proceed to it treatment. You can apply medicines that are available in pharmacies or you can choose home remedies that work and effective such as the following:

  • Clean your ears at most thrice a week to retain its natural wax that prevent the successful entry of unwanted substances such as insects, pollutants and other allergens.
    However, you must be careful to balance the natural moisture of your ears because too much cleaning would dry up your ears and lead to itchiness while lack of ear hygiene would cause ear wax build-up that could result to hearing difficulties and ear drum damage.
  • To cleanse your ears, put some few drops of apple cider vinegar directly into your ears to kill the microorganisms that cause itchy red ears.