Itchy Inner Ears: Treatment and Home Remedies to Cure Itchy Inside Ear

It is normal for individuals to feel itchy inside ears every now and then. Having itchy ears inside your ear canal is not a serious health ear condition but a sign that your ears need proper attention. There are varied reasons for the itch in your ears, but the usual itchy inner ear causes include the following:

Causes of Itchiness Inside Ears

  • Poor ear hygiene. The ears continually produce ear wax to protect the successful entry of foreign particles inside the ears, but too much build-up of wax can cause ear irritation and itchiness.
    It can even lead to hearing impairment when the ear drum is blocked by wax build up.
  • Excessive cleaning. On the other hand, when the ears are cleaned too frequently, the ear canal dries up causing itchiness.
  • Fungal or bacterial infection. The ears are dry and free from moisture, but when the ear canal or the inner part of the ears are exposed to moisture due to hot environment or swimming, the ear canal becomes an idle breeding ground for microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria resulting to itchiness and ear complications if left untreated.
  • Allergy. Sometimes medication or drug intake can cause allergic reaction such as itchy ears inside.
  • Insect ear infiltration. Insects could sometimes find their way inside your ears especially when you sleep outdoor or in a cluttered area. Short hairstyles also expose your ears to flying insects that could accidentally fly directly into your ear canal.

Home Remedies for Itchy Inner Ears

If you have itchy ears inside, the one thing you should remember is not to pick your itchy ear with any pointed materials such as pins or paper. There are safe home remedies for itchy inside ears that you can apply, but the safest way to treat your itchy ears is to have them checked by an ear expert who can properly diagnose the cause of the itch and advice you with proper treatment.