Inner Ear Balance: Symptoms And Treatment Of Inner Ear Imbalance

Inner ear is involved in maintaining balance of the body, the others are visual system and sensory receptors located in muscles.

Inner ear is filled with fluid, it is due to the inner ear we are able to hear properly and walk straight.

The region of inner ear is known as labyrinth and any swelling in this region is called labyrinthitis.

Inner Ear Balance

The labyrinth is made up of cochlea, it aids in hearing. The other organ is semicircular vestibule which is responsible in maintaining balance of the body.

Inner ear affection can be due to several reasons; viral infection is most common cause.

Bacterial infection is also not ruled out. Viral infection can be due to mumps, influenza or measles. Bacterial infection can be due to untreated infection in the middle ear. In some rare cases there may be a systemic cause. See also inner ear disorders

Symptoms Of Inner Ear Imbalance

When there is infection or inflammation in the inner ear, it can give rise to series of symptoms. Loss of balance is one of the main symptoms caused due to inner ear infection. Nausea, vomiting, uncontrolled movement of the eyes are some of the other symptoms associated with inner ear balance problem.

Dizziness and vertigo can persist for many weeks. It can be associate d with loss of hearing or tinnitus.

Sudden movement of head can lead to vertigo if you have any problem in your inner ear. Hearing loss may be regained in many cases; few of them face permanent loss of hearing.

Inner Ear Balance Treatment

  • If there is infection which is the cause of inner ear imbalance, your doctor will give you antibiotics to treat the infection.
  • Ginko biloba is a natural remedy which enhances the blood circulation in the brain and ear arteries.  It helps to cure the vertigo caused due to inner ear problems.
  • Inner ear balance can also be maintained with acupressure and yoga and meditation. Patient should not expose himself to cold atmosphere or to loud noise. He should wear ear plugs in cold climates.


  1. Lopa said:

    I have problem of body balance while walking and at times facing blackouts. In my left ear there is continuous buzzing sound. This has started about a month ago. Orthopedic doctor advised for X-ray which shows gap between 5th and 6th spinal bone. I am going through Ultrasound therapy.

    Consulted an ENT too and he has advised for ENG and audiometer tests. I am having medicines but it is not improved. Doctor advised for CT Scan of the brain and ENG test. Which one should I go for first?

    June 30, 2012
    • PUP said:

      If you have been advised for both the tests, you have to do both of them. It does not matter which one you do first. You can try few home remedies for vertigo. Soak few coriander seeds at night in a glass of water. Strain the liquid in morning and drink. Follow this for few days. You can also try Ginko biloba, it is effective in increasing blood circulation in brain as well as in the ear arteries.

      July 14, 2012
  2. DM said:

    My left ear was infected and therefore doctor operated it in 2006 and removed hearing bones which were damaged badly due to infection. After 8 months I suddenly felt headache and walking imbalance in the morning when I got up. My blood pressure was also 180/ 120 at that time which came down to normal after three days with the treatment of B.P.

    I also took beta histamine tablets for vertigo which reduced the problem up to some extent. But still today the problem is in existence and also there is yellow discharge from the left ear. Please advise me the treatment for the same.

    July 16, 2012
  3. MC said:

    Would you please advice me on what to take if I get dizzy when I drive a vehicle? This has been going on for almost a year. MRI, hearing and other tests have been conducted but did not show any serious illness. I am on various medications that do not seem to make a difference. Serc tablets made a little improvement but it stagnated after a while.

    July 25, 2012
    • PUP said:

      You should not drive any vehicle at all if you are feeling sudden dizziness. Take medicines as prescribed by your doctor. Natural remedies such as Ginko biloba may be useful to increase the brain circulation.

      July 27, 2012
  4. G.Robinson said:

    I am experiencing vertigo and lightheadedness since few days. My doctor told me that I have imbalance in my ear and it should go away within weeks. Is this possible, because someone I know has this since one year.

    October 3, 2012
    • PUP said:

      As you know each individual is different from one another. For few the time taken may be less and others may take weeks and months to heal. Whatever may be the case, if your doctor has prescribed any medicine, you should take it as advised. Few home remedies are also useful in vertigo.
      • Soak 2 tsp of wheat grain, 6 almonds, 6 water melon seeds, a teaspoon of poppy seeds overnight. In the morning grind them to make smooth paste. Heat 2 tsp of clarified butter and add 1 clove to it. Add the prepared paste; mix it well and all the ingredients in a glass of milk. Drink it daily in the morning for a week.
      • Soak 1 tsp of gooseberry powder and 1 tsp of coriander seeds for a day. Stain the liquid and add sugar as per you taste and drink the mixture.
      • Ginkgo biloba is also useful in reducing vertigo.

      October 3, 2012
  5. S. W said:

    I have symptoms of vertigo. I have heard of an exercise where you sit on the edge of your bed, flop backwards, rotate your head in a 45 degree motion a few times then get up. You do this a couple of times a day for about a week. It is supposed to restore the inner ear balance. Is this true? What is this exercise called?

    September 19, 2013

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