How To Soothe An Earache: Home Remedy, Ways of Soothing Ear Pain

Soothing Earache

  • One of the ways to soothe ear pain is through the use of onion juice. Warm 2 to 3 drops of onion juice and pour it into the infected ear. This will not only relieve the pain, it will also help in disinfecting the ear.
  • You can also warm 1 to 2 drops of olive oil and pour it into the infected ear to treat the irritation and pain.
  • Another way on how to soothe an earache is by blow-drying the affected ear.
    After taking a bath, put the blower to warm setting and direct the nozzle on the infected ear.

How to Soothe Earache

  • Garlic is also another effective home remedy for earache. Extract the juice of a piece of garlic and drop it on the infected ear to get rid of the pain and possible infection.
  • Some of the natural ways of soothing earache is through the use of mustard oil.
    Warm a few drops of mustard oil, and drop it on the aching ear to get rid of the pain. Mustard oil will also ward off bacteria causing infection on ear.
  • To strengthen your immune system and fight off infection, eat fresh fruits and vegetables especially those that are rich in vitamin C. Citrus fruits such as lime, orange, and lemon are among the fruits with high concentration of vitamin C.
  • Another one of the effective ways is the use of a piece of cloth. Dip the cloth on hot water, wring out excess water, and place the cloth outside the infected ear.