Hearing Sound Waves That Are Not There Causes And Treatment

Question: Why do I keep hearing a sound like I am at the beach in my ear? It is annoying and I cannot pop my ear. What can cause waves like sound in my ears; I also hear sound like underwater. What are the causes of hearing sounds that aren’t there?

Answer: Hearing of sound waves when they are not there is a symptom of Tinnitus. This is usually a subjective phenomenon.

You seem to be suffering from the same diseases i.e. Tinnitus

Symptom Of Tinnitus

Almost everyone has experienced an occasional ringing or hissing, buzzing or tinkling in their ears.

The sound usually lasts only a few minutes. If it becomes persistent you may have tinnitus.

Condition leading to hearing sound waves or tinnitus:

  • This type of hearing abnormality is usually caused by damage to the nerves in the inner ear from prolonged exposure to loud noise.
  • Buzzing sound in ears.

Other treatable causes include:

Causes Of Hearing Sound Waves

  • External ear:- Excess accumulation of Wax, polyp, foreign body, cerumen.
  • Middle ear:- Inflammation, blockage in the Eustachian tube.
  • Internal ear:- Meniere’s disease, suppuration in internal ear, otosclerosis.
  • Dental problems.
  • Drinking excessive alcohol.
  • Drugs like streptomycin, salicylates, quinine.
  • Migraine, anemia, temporo- mandibular joint disease, cervical spondylosis are some non auditory causes of tinnitus.

Treatment For Hearing Sound Waves

  • To protect your hearing and relieve the sound of waves limit or avoid exposure to loud noises, such as music, power tools, gunshots and industrial machinery.
  • Cut back caffeine, alcohol, nicotine.
  • Remove ear wax.
  • Treat your dental problems
  • Try to relax; stress and fatigue seem to make it worse.
  • Limit the use of aspirin.
  • Put 20 to 40mgs of extract of ginko bilobainto your ears for one month. This will dilate the blood vessels in the inner ear and increase the blood flow.