Hearing Loss in One Ear | Sudden Less Hearing in One Ear | Causes and Treatment


Hi there, my age is 32 years and my left ear gives me low hear some it gets pain. I want to know what can be the cause of hearing loss in one ear, also give me some tips on how to improve hearing that I can try at home to make my ear back to normal.


  • Do you suffer from frequent bouts of cold and cough? Are you prone to sinus infections and respiratory troubles?
  • Is there any discharge / bleeding from the ear?
  • Since how many days or months have you had this complaint? Have you experienced a sudden deafness for some time?
  • Is the pain and reduced hearing associated with tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears), and giddiness?
  • I could help you better if you provided me with this information.
  • Occasionally, ear ache and impaired hearing is linked to respiratory causes. Ensure that you limit the intensity and frequency of respiratory disorders. Increase your intake of vitamin C rich foods like – lime, oranges, guava, papaya, goose berries, capsicum, and chilies.
  • I would recommend a consultation and examination by an ENT (ear nose throat) specialist. An examination will help to identify the exact cause of the hearing impairment and prevent worsening of the case. Certain tests are performed which help to evaluate the auditory function. Nerve damage is a common cause for reduced / lowered hearing.
    Homoeopathy can help treat nerve related ear impairment effectively. Kali-Phos is a potent nerve remedy that will improve hearing significantly.