Feels Like Water In Ear: Symptoms And Treatment For Ear Infection

Some times you feel like your ear is blocked and there is water in the ear. It happens when the water is trapped in the external ear canal when taking bath or while swimming. Wax in the ear prevents trapped water in the ear to drain.

Symptom Feels Like Water In Ear

Repeated episodes of having water in ear will cause bacterial and fungal infection. The symptoms of pain, swelling and itching in the outer ear will confirm bacterial infection or fungal infection. This condition is often associated with swimming but anyone can get water in ear.

Treatment And Remedies For Water In Ear Feeling

  • Whenever you feel water is trapped in your ear, especially after swimming, you can put 4 to 5 drops of isopropyl alcohol in the ear. Now wiggle the ear, as alcohol has low surface tension, it breaks the water molecules and facilitates the small molecules of water to flow out. The remaining minimal quantity of alcohol will dry and will prevent the bacterial growth by keeping the ear dry.
  • Applying warm wash cloth or heating pad can be soothing. While using heating pad, take precaution that you do not burn your ear skin.
  • Plug your ears with cotton balls when you go out, as the dust particles may enter in the ear canal, and cause ear infection when you have feeling of water in ear.

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