How to Unplug Ears | Ear Unplugging | Remedies to Unplug Ears

Unplug Ears

The ears are one of the most sensitive organs in our body. They are vital in every person’s normal daily living. However, the ears are very prone to infection especially when the person is suffering from ailments such as cough and colds. Because of this, it is important that one keeps one’s ears in a healthy condition.

The ears can also become prone to infection when it is not properly or regularly cleaned. For example, earwax may accumulate and cause infection. That is why it is important to keep one’s ears clean.

Also, changes in atmospheric pressure, especially when one is in an airplane can also cause the ears to become plugged. In this case, the person could not hear properly.

Ways to Unplug the Ears

Due to earwax accumulation:

  • Prepare a mixture of vinegar and rubbing alcohol in equal quantities. With your head rested against a couch or pillow, pour in a few droplets on the affected ear. If both ears are affected, hold the first ear on the same position for about five minutes. After this, drop the same quantity on the other and hold it afterward in the same manner with the other ear.
    You may opt to place a piece of cotton to prevent the mixture from coming out. The mixture works by drying the wax, allowing the ear canal to be free from obstruction.
  • Warm olive oil, and with the help of medicine dropper, put a few drops on the affected ear. After dropping, hold the head in a position with the opening of the ear upwards. After five minutes, reverse the head’s position. The oil will then flow out with the melted wax causing the obstruction.

Due to Changes in Atmospheric Pressure:

People who frequently ride airplanes know very well the predicament of changing atmospheric pressure. In order to spare one from suffering this, the following tips should be done:

  • Yawn with your mouth wide open. Doing this frequently will allow for the free flow of air, allowing the ears to withstand changes in pressure.
  • Chew gum or candy for the duration of the flight. The frequent swallowing resulting from such activity will help clear the ears from blockage.
  • Hold the nostrils and the unaffected ear and try to blow air out. This will help eliminate any changes in pressure.