Ear Ache Symptoms, Treatments | Ear Pain Remedies, Causes

Earaches Signs and Treatments:

Earaches can be caused by many factors – ranging from slight irritation due to exposure to cold wind to severe bacterial infections of the middle ear with pus like discharge. Earaches often accompany a viral infection or are the results of childhood diseases like measles and scarlet fever. Toothaches occurring during teething particularly, also affect the ears. Earaches should be treated in the very first stage and that too by an experienced person only. If no improvement is observed in first Twenty four hours, see your physician. And in case of high temperature, rapidly rising temperature, loss of hearing, discharge or severe pain, see your physician immediately.

Important: Homeopathic remedies that are beneficial for colds and flu’s can be used for earaches by an experienced homeopath only. This applies to low potency dosages of Lycopodium, Sulfur, Hepar sulfuris and Pulsatilla.

Symptoms, Remedies of Ear Pain:

  • Very severe beginning, usually around midnight; caused by cold, dry wind, often East winds or a draft while driving a car; children in particular will be cranky and cry in low weak voice or scream immediately in pain; extremely sensitive to noise; ears are hot and red; feeling as if water is in the ear; restless, anxious and very fearful; extremely thirsty; skin is hot and dry; fever increases rapidly; shivers.

Worse – Motion, warm rooms, cold wind, after midnight
Better – Quiet
Remedy – Aconitum 30*/** (One dose every half an hour, but not more than two hours. If experienced use one or two doses at potency of 200)

  • Begins suddenly; pulsating, hammering or pounding earaches; pain comes in wave like pattern; skin is hot and sweaty; fever.

Worse – Vibrations, talking, cold
Better – Head elevated, quiet, rest
Remedy – Belladonna 30

  • Severe, stabbing, wave like pain in the ears; ears seem to be blocked and are painful and red; there is ringing sound in the ears; very moody and extremely sensitive; cheek on the affected area is red in color; children want to be carried all the time; they throw their toys around in a fit of anger; particularly for children when teething.

Worse – Warmth, before midnight
Better – Cold drinks, after a bout of sweating; when shown sympathy
Remedy – Chamomilla 200

  • Sudden onset; stabbing pain in the ears, also low continuous sound in the ears; reason: by getting too cold due to damp/wet cold weather; change in the weather, often during heavy snowing; low fever; tendency of getting colds.

Worse – Wetness, cold, nights
Better – Warmth
Remedy – Dulcamara

  • Slow beginning; pounding or pulsating pain; often caused by viral infection; complexion keeps changing between pale and red; fever rises slowly.

Worse – Wet/damp, cold, in the evenings, nights
Better – Slow movements, cold compresses
Remedy – Ferrum phosphoricum 30

  • Outer ear is red and swollen; in the beginning there is little pain in the ear; feels as though the ear has been filled with something; cannot hear properly; not thirsty.

Worse – Nights
Better – Cold compresses, giving sympathy
Remedy – Pulsatilla 30 or 200

Note: In cases of frequent, repeated ear infections, a constitutional therapy is highly recommended.

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