Cleaning Ear Wax Buildup: Natural Ways To Remove Ear Wax Safely

Earwax is one of the naturally occurring substances found in a man’s ears. These waxy substances are usually yellowish in color. They are secreted by the ear for protection against bacteria, dust, water, and other elements entering the ears. Moreover, they also assist in the cleaning and lubrication of the ear canal.

The accumulation of earwax is often a cause for concern for most. This is because when they accumulate in great quantity, they may affect hearing. In some cases, their presence may cause pain in the ears. Moreover, when earwax thickens, they may exert pressure against the eardrum and cause infection.

How To Clean Ear Wax Out Of Your Ears?

Unfortunately, when it comes to cleaning earwax, a lot of people still follow the old ways of cleaning, which may do more harm than good. On the contrary, most doctors suggest not cleaning the earwax as this will harden and fall off naturally.

However, when they are annoying (their presence is commonly treated as a sign of poor hygiene), people start looking for ways to get rid of it. The most common employed means is to insert an ear bud (piece of cotton wrapped at one end of a small stick).

This process is deemed harmful because it only pushes the wax deeper into the ear canal. Apart from this, some people are also fond of inserting anything into their ears in an effort to get rid of wax. This process may cause ear infection especially when dirty matter is used.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ear Wax Safely At Home

  • First, we’ll dispense with the ear’s natural procedure to get rid of hardened earwax. The process of expelling earwax is aided principally by jaw movement. The jaw movement helps to push the hardened earwax toward the entrance of the ear canal. The expelled matter will take with it dust, dirt, and any other foreign matter.
  • When one is going to use cotton, soak the cotton first in heated oils such as olive oil, mineral oil, or baby oil. The heated oil will help to melt the ear wax, which will then be absorbed by the cotton.
  • The application of ear drops. Ear drops are specially formulated to soften and melt the wax. When this happens, they will then drop out from the ear. When applying it, put in a few drops and hold in the ear for a few minutes.