How to Clean Ear Wax | Natural Ear Wax Removal | How to Remove Ear Wax Blockage

Earwax Blockage Home Remedies

Our ears are protected with small hair inside it, and it produces earwax that helps keep the ear moist, protecting it from other foreign body and object that might cause injury to the organ.

Causes of Blockage of Earwax

There are certain factors that might lead to the earwax build-up in our hearing organs, and these are the following:

  • Poor hygiene: It is advised that an individual cleans his outer ears every other day; and in cleaning the inner ear, it has to be done once a week.
  • Injury to the area: The body would act on its own compensatory mechanism to fix any injury to the area.
    It would increase its secretion to help facilitate the recovery of the injured site.
  • A foreign body getting inside: Be it an insect, a tiny toy, a seed, or any foreign object, the tendency would be an increase and build-up of cerumen or earwax in the ears.

Home Treatment for Ear Wax Blockage

First and foremost, before doing anything to the ear, it is best that you seek medical help to ensure that you don’t aggravate whatever problem there might be with your ears.  But of course, if you think you can handle the problem at home, here are some of the things you can try:

  • If a foreign object is likely the cause of the blockage, do not attempt to take it out yourself by using cotton swabs.
    You might just only make it worse.
  • Oil drops in the ears will usually help to soften the accumulated earwax thus facilitating the removal of the cerumen.
  • Be on the lookout for any signs of ear infection that would likely need a professional help. However, you can provide drainage if there is an infection by placing a wick inside the ear and allow it to sit. It will serve as a drain for the fluid and pus.

Preventing Ear Wax Blockage

Circumstances like these are preventable when a person needs just to be careful of what he is doing. These are the following precautionary measures you can do to prevent the unlikely occurrence of this situation:

  • When swimming, it is advisable to use ear plugs to avoid water getting inside the ears.
  • When cleaning the inner ear, it is advisable not to go deep into the ear canal to lessen the risk of damaging the ear drum.
  • Avoid loud noises and other injury to the organ.
  • Observing proper hygiene will also do a great deal of help in preventing the likely outcome of blockage.