Blood in Ear Canal: Dried Blood in Ear Canal Causes And Treatment

Dried Blood in Ear Canal

Ear discharge can be of many types, blood in ear is one type of ear discharge, the other being pus discharge, watery discharge and wax discharge.

Pus and watery discharge are due to infection in the ear canal, while blood in ear canal usually is the result of trauma to the ear and the eardrum.

Causes of Blood in Ear Canal

Trauma in the ear canal may cause severe impact on the delicate membrane in the ear i.e. the Eardrum, which may result into a tear or a rupture. Bleeding may follow after it.

Many people have the habit of cleaning the ear wax with a Q stick, in the process they may unknowingly cause harm to the eardrum. The Q stick perforates the eardrum if inserted deep causing bleeding from ear canal.

When a boil in the ear canal bursts, you may observe blood in the ear canal, along with pus.

Loud noises like intensity stereo sound, crackers can cause perforation of eardrum causing bleeding.

Eczema and other skin disease may cause bleeding in the ear canal.

Cancer in the ear may also be the reason for ear canal bleeding.

Bleeding in the ear canal may be due to swimmers ear. Pain, redness and tenderness in ear region are well documented with this problem.

Treatment of Blood in Ear Canal

  • At times after the bleeding has stopped, the blood collected in the ear canal gets hardened; to make it soft olive oil can serve the purpose. Put 2 drops of olive oil twice in a day. Now remove the softened material with the help of an ear bud. Do not insert the ear bud deep in the ear canal, or else you may damage already hurt eardrum.
  • Ear drops containing antibiotics are used in conventional medicine, when there is bleeding to prevent secondary infection.
  • It is important to consult an ENT specialist when there is frank bleeding from the ear.
  • Do not allow water to enter the ear canal while taking a bath. Plug the canal with a cotton ball.
  • The underlying cause such as eczema or a boil should be treated, when there is blood in ear due to this reason.