Causes Of Bleeding From The Ear: What Are Its Treatment Options?

Bleeding from ear is one of the most frequent causes for which people consult an ENT surgeon. Along with frank bleeding, the discharge can be a mix of pus, wax, or thin watery fluid. It can be mild tinge of blood leaking out from the ear canal or a heavy flow depending on the cause and damage to the structure inside the ear. Bleeding can be accompanied with pain or without pain.

There are varieties of reasons for bleeding from ear; however, the most common cause is ruptured or perforated eardrum. Bleeding can have serious repercussions ranging from infection in ear to hearing loss, as the case may be.

A person having bleeding from ear should therefore seek immediate medical care to treat the condition.

What Causes Bleeding From The Ear?

In higher vertebrates such as humans, ear is an important organ for hearing as well as for maintaining the balance of body. Ear is divided into three parts. The outer ear consists of ear canal and external ear. Middle ear is made up of eardrum and three tiny bones. The inner ear is connected to the auditory nerve which detects the sound wave and transmits it to the brain. Each part has its own significance and aids in hearing as well as in maintaining the equilibrium.

A ruptured eardrum means a tear or a hole in the eardrum or the tympanic membrane in medical parlance. It is a delicate thin membrane which protects the ear from invading organisms as well as prevents the dust and dirt from entering in the middle ear.

  • Bleeding can occur if the ear drum is damaged. The tiny vessels connecting the eardrum may break to cause bleeding. Perforation of eardrum can occur due to many causes. Many people tend to insert a matchstick or sharp pin inside the ear to remove wax. Accidentally they may cause damage to the eardrum leading to bleeding. Ear drum may also rupture due to exposure to loud noise, pressure change at high altitude.
  • Traumatic injury to skull can be one of the causes for bleeding through ear.
  • Otitis externa, an irritation to the skin of outer ear canal can cause severe pain and sometimes bleeding from ear. Swimmers often suffer from this condition.
  • A small boil inside the ear canal may burst producing discharge of blood and thick pus.
  • Otitis media an infection of middle ear can create pressure on the eardrum. It may tear as a result of pressure causing bleeding and watery discharge.
  • A tumor or a polyp in the ear canal can be instrumental for bleeding.
  • Fungus infections, skin condition such as eczema in the ear canal are also contributory factors for bleeding.

Natural Treatment For Bleeding From The Ear

There are several remedies which can help to stop bleeding from ear. However, it depends on the cause.

  • In most cases bleeding occurs after the eardrum is ruptured. If it is a small hole, nature has its own healing method. Over a period of time, the perforation heals on its own. However, if it is a large perforation it may require surgical measures to replace the eardrum with artificial tympanic membrane.
  • If the source of bleeding is bacterial or fungal infection in ear, antibiotics or anti-fungal remedies will help to heal the infection and thus bleeding.
  • Garlic oil is a natural home remedy to treat infections in outer ear as it has mild antibacterial properties. Put few drops of garlic oil daily inside the ear to cure the infection. However, if you suspect perforation, avoid using it.
  • Ear drops prepared at home from rubbing alcohol and a few drops of white vinegar is beneficial. It cleans the ear and kills the bacteria causing bleeding and pus in outer ear.