Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads In Ears: What Causes It?

Blackheads in ear are similar to those found on T zone of the face. A person having blackhead only knows how distressing and annoying it is to have them on face or in the ears. Although blackheads on ears do not attract as much attention as those present on face, they can be peskier. The small space and thin skin of ear makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and thus it can cause pain, especially when present inside the ear.

Blackhead can develop on any part of the body that produces excess of oil.

The pore gets blocked due to excess of oil, dirt and dead skin cells. When the oil comes in contact with oxygen in the air, it turns black. Due to the shape and anatomical structure blackheads in ear are not as easy to deal with as that present on face. Blackheads in ear needs careful removal as there is possibility of scarring and infection.

What Causes Blackheads In Ear?

Blackheads appear especially when there is excess of oil production in the oil glands of skin. Although blackheads can develop anywhere on the skin, they are more common on face because of the density of oil glands in this area.

Excess of oil can get entrapped in the pores. Also the dirt and dead skin cells get entrapped in the pores and make the blackhead more visible.

There are number of reasons why blackhead develops on face and in the ear. One reason is if you do not keep your ear clean there is accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells, together with excess production of oil, it blocks the skin pores and thus causes blackheads.

Blackheads are also common in people who suffer from hyperthyroidism (under activity of thyroid gland), constipation, etc. Blackhead becomes black in color because the entrapped oil in the pores oxidizes when it comes in contact with oxygen present in air. In some cases there is hereditary tendency to produce excess of oil in the oil glands.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads In Ears Naturally?

  • Maintain ear hygiene: It is most important to keep your ears clean which many people neglect it. The main reason for blackhead formation is excess secretion of sebum in the oil gland. While using a shower to wash your face, also clean and wash your ears. A gentle cleaning with a cleanser will remove dead skin and dirt residing in the ear. Dry your ears carefully with a wash cloth once it you have washed your ears.
  • Exfoliation: Dead skin cells are sometimes difficult to be removed by simple washing. With use of gentle exfoliant it is possible to washout the dead skin cells. Once the dead skin cells are removed it makes way for newer skin cells. Salicylic acid acts as a good exfoliant. However, since it is a chemical you have to consult your physician before using it. Put small amount of it on the swab and apply it on the black head. This helps to open the blocked pores.
  • Open the pores: You can also get rid of blackhead easily by placing a thin cloth dipped in warm water in the ear for few minutes. This will open up the clogged pores which makes it easier for the removal of blackhead from the ear.
  • Avoid squeezing blackhead: Avoid squeezing blackhead in ear. There is risk of worsening the problem. It may also result in infection if you have not used sterile measures to do so.