Airplane Ear Pressure Relief: Home Remedies to Relieve Ear Pressure

Question: My teenage daughter complains of having both her ears blocked after returning from a flight 2 weeks ago. What would you recommend to unplug the ears?

Answer: When flying, you experience, a rapid change in the altitude, and accordingly, a change in the air pressure. Generally, this is balanced and equalized across the ear-drum, by a normally functioning Eustachian tube.

Tips to Unplug Airplane Ears

  • Swallowing encourages and stimulates the muscles in the posterior part of the throat. This helps to open up the Eustachian tube quickly. Eating, drinking or chewing gum helps the process.
  • The most effectual maneuver to unplug ears is – to open the Eustachian tube by force, by inhaling deeply, and blowing out or puffing out your cheeks, whilst shutting the nostrils and keeping the mouth closed. This unplugs ears immediately. It will reduce the feeling of fullness and blocking immediately.
  • Yawning is very effective, since, the action is a powerful muscle stimulator.
  • Plane travelers, who face this trouble often, should use a nasal spray or take a decongestant pill, 1 hour before the take-off, and if required, before the descent. This permits the ears to even out theĀ  pressure, without any effort.