Blocked Gas In Stomach: Causes And Home Remedies To Release It

Majority of people may have suffered from gas in stomach sometime or the other in their life time. Although, not life threatening condition, it produces considerable discomfort for the person. Gas in stomach occurs mostly due to your eating and drinking habits.

Undigested food or consuming excessive gas producing food itself can result in gas formation. You may also swallow large amount of gas while eating and drinking. This may result in gas bubbles in stomach. Fortunately, blocked gas in stomach and intestine in most cases passes out through mouth by the way of belching or through anus in the form of flatulence within few hours.

However, if stomach gas remains blocked it can produce host of symptoms such as stomach ache, eructations, heaviness in chest and distension. There are many home remedies which can assist release of blocked wind more quickly and relieve the patient from uneasiness.

Causes Of Trapped Gas In Stomach

Blocked gas in stomach has varied reasons. The cause may be as minor as drinking an aerated cola to more severe such as gastroparesis. Often people swallow air while drinking and eating. It can often occur without the person realizing it. People who smoke or chew gum also swallow air in large quantity.

Food allergy especially gluten and lactose allergy can produce gas in stomach and intestine. Besides, in some people eating large amount of beans and nuts too can produce gas.

Normally small amount of gas may pass off easily; however, large quantity may remain blocked if stomach emptying is too slow as it occurs in a condition called gastroparesis. Overgrowth of bacterial flora in stomach and intestine may also produce gas which may not pass easily through mouth.

Home Remedies To Release Blocked Gas In Stomach

Trapped gas in stomach in most cases can be treated with home remedies.

  • Increase the intake of yogurt in your diet. Yogurt and buttermilk contain good bacteria which help in digestive process.
  • Ginger is the time tested natural remedy to cure gas trapped in stomach and intestine. Ginger contains digestive enzymes which help in stimulating the process of digestion. Add ginger powder in your tea or eat salted ginger pieces when you experience blocked gas in your stomach. Ginger also aids in quicker stomach emptying.
  • Garlic is a natural remedy when you feel discomfort and distention of stomach due to gas. Eat one or two garlic clove or add garlic in your daily food to stay away from gas formation in stomach.
  • Avoid drinking fizzy drinks and eating large amount of beans and nuts if you have past history of gases distention of stomach.
  • Indigestion and gaseous distention can be treated by eating few leaves of basil leaves two to three times in a day.
  • Avoid swallowing air while eating. Eat small morsel at a time. Avoid drinking water while eating. Drink water before or after eating food.
  • Homeopathic remedies such as carbo veg and nux vomica are found useful in relieving trapped gas in stomach.
  • Baking soda is valuable to relieve gas trapped in stomach. Take ½ teaspoon of baking soda and mix it in one glass of water. Drink this mixture slowly over a period of time. Baking soda helps to break the gas bubbles which ultimately leave through mouth while belching.