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Stomach and Intestinal Upset

Consumption of spoilt food usually upsets stomach. Eating heavy meals, unfamiliar meals in a hurry or by consuming excess of alcohol and/or nicotine also stomach can get upset.

Important: See your Physician immediately if you suspect food poisoning or if the complaints are severe. Infants and small children should be strictly treated by a physician under such circumstances.

Symptoms, Treatments of Stomach and Intestinal Problems:

  • Weak stomach; burps taste of undigested food; tongue develops thick, white coating; cannot tolerate alcohol, nicotine, black tea, sour food, baked goods and pork; vomiting does not provide relief.

Remedy – Antimonium crudum

  • Severe vomiting/diarrhea (frequent watery bowels) accompanied by shivering; burning pain in the stomach; very weak, restless and fearful; very thirsty; drinks water in small sips; especially useful in the initial stages of food poisoning.

Worse – Cold, cold drinks, midday, during the night
Better – Warmth but not around the head
Remedy – Arsenicum album 30 or 200

  • Stomach seems full and tight with food; nausea, vomiting; mouth, lips and tongue are dry; extreme thirst for cold water; cold due to wet cold weather.

Worse – With even the slightest of movement
Remedy – Bryonia

  • Full and heavy stomach, often accompanied by troubled breathing; sharp stomach pain, similar to a cramp after consuming spoilt food; foul smelling watery stools; unpleasant burping; pale complexion; cold sweat; very weak.
    It can also happen after eating a variety of things at the same time or due to intolerance to milk, fat or meat.

Better – Fanning fresh air
Remedy – Carbo vegetabilis

  • Feeling sick constantly; nausea; vomiting does not bring any relief; diarrhea resembles spinach; feels weak; increased flow of saliva; tongue is clear; cold sweat; dizziness with migraine like headaches; especially after consuming fatty food that is difficult to digest.

Worse – Extreme temperatures, motion
Remedy – Ipecacuanha

  • Unpleasant feeling after drinking too much of beer the previous night; bloated feeling; burning stomach pain after eating; dirty-yellow coating on the tongue

Better – Eating bread
Remedy – Kali bichromicum

  • Stomach problems after eating hurriedly either heavy, highly spiced, junk, unfamiliar food or by  misuse of alcohol and nicotine; also in cases when flu has settled in the stomach; food sits heavily in the stomach; bitter, sour burping; tongue gets coated with whitish-yellow layer; not very thirsty.

Better – Warmth
Remedy – Nux vomica

  • Stomach feels heavy with food stacked in the stomach, particularly after eating fatty, sweet and sour foods, ice cream, pork and eating too many different varieties of food; nausea; vomits warm drinks and undigested food; burping tastes bad and awful; patient is not thirsty even if mouth is dry; dirty-white coating on the tongue.

Better – Cool fresh air
Remedy – Pulsatilla 200

  • Nausea is accompanied by vomiting and severe, watery diarrhea; cramp-like abdominal pain after consuming spoilt food; complexion is pale; person is thin with illness; feels thirsty and hungry, but vomits everything immediately after consumption; sweat on the forehead; body is very cold; mouth is dry; tendency to collapse.

Worse – Motion, even the slightest movement
Remedy – Veratrum album

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