Stomach Ache After Eating Eggs: Causes And How To Get Rid Of It?

Eggs are one of the favorite items of breakfast. Whether it is a scrambled egg, an omelet, poached or boiled, eggs are not only delicious but they are good for health. They are rich source of protein and various other nutrients. Eggs have become so popular that they have found a pride of place in the diet of many vegetarians.

Unfortunately, on the flip side, there are some individuals who experience stomach pain and gastric upset after eating eggs. It is because of an allergy associated with egg protein. Along with stomach pain there may be other accompanying symptoms.

It depends on how severe the allergy is.

Egg allergy can be due to the yolk or white of an egg. As eggs are consumed widely, egg allergy is the second most common food allergy. If you are allergic to eggs, the best way to prevent it is to avoid eating eggs and preparations made from eggs.

What Is An Egg Allergy?

In any type of food allergy, the immune system of body perceives that substance as dangerous for the body. It reacts by producing a substance called histamine. This chemical is responsible for all the symptoms of an allergy.

Similarly, a person having allergy to protein present in egg yolk or white, the immune system in his body reacts to it. It begins to produce antibodies in the same way as the body produces antibodies to fight viruses. This antibody is known as IgE. IgE in turn produces histamine, the chemical in the body cells to manifest various symptoms.

What Causes Stomach Ache After Eating Eggs?

If you are allergic to egg protein, the symptoms will develop within few minutes or hours after eating egg or food preparations containing egg yolk or white. One of the leading symptoms of egg allergy is stomach pain after eating egg. There are many other accompanying gastrointestinal issues along with stomach pain such as bloating, vomiting, diarrhea. It can also affect the mouth and throat causing tingling sensation.

Sometimes along with stomach pain, patient may also experience itching and hives after eating eggs. Severe egg allergy may manifest symptoms of asthma together with stomach pain.

Aside from allergy to egg protein, salmonella bacteria are known to produce gastric problems after eating eggs. Often salmonella bacteria harbor on the outer shell of egg. If it comes in contact with egg yolk or white when you break an egg, there is a possibility of stomach pain and various other stomach symptoms. The risk increases if you eat raw eggs. Salmonella infection causes gastrointestinal symptoms such as stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and fever.

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain After Eating Eggs?

Even though you know that eggs are culprit for causing stomach pain, it is essential to consult your doctor. After examination and taking medical history, your doctor may prescribe antispasmodic and anti histaminic medicines depending on the severity of pain. If he suspects salmonella as the underlying cause, he may add an antibiotic to deal with the germs. However, till the time you consult your physician certain home remedies may helps to alleviate stomach cramps.

  • Avoid eating solid food for few hours while you have stomach pain.
  • Once the pain alleviates begin with liquids such as apple juice, rice water, coconut water, tomato soup etc. But do not consume any item which consists of eggs.
  • Take rest and sit on a comfortable chair. Divert your attention to something pleasant. It is effective in mild to moderate stomach pain.
  • Hot water fomentation on abdomen will help to reduce stomach pain. You can place hot water bag or a glass bottle containing hot water on your stomach to alleviate stomach pain.
  • Relax and take deep breaths.