Stomach Virus Symptoms, Treatments | Intestinal Flu Causes, Remedies

Stomach Virus and Intestinal Flu

This Flu appears frequently at specific times of the year. It affects majority of the population. It is part of an intestinal infection and is usually accompanied by fever. It can also be caused by a cold after consuming ice cream and cold drinks. Seek medical attention immediately if the overall well-being is severely affected, in case of fever and weak circulatory system.

Symptoms, Treatments of Stomach and Intestinal Virus

  • Frequent passage of watery stools accompanied by slightly high fever; feels as if the colon is about to tear; nausea, vomiting; bad breath; sour burping; sweat has bad odor; tongue is coated in the center.

Worse – Fat
Better – Warmth, quiet, rest
Remedy – Acidum nitricum

  • Foul-smelling, severe diarrhea; odorless gas; stabbing pain in the abdomen; feels as if pointed pieces of ice are being pierced especially when cold; also after being over worked; and when excited.

Remedy – Agarius

  • Watery diarrhea in summer; shows undigested food matter; excess gas in the stomach accompanied by cramp-like abdominal pain; inability to tolerate sour foods. Especially for people with a huge appetite but with weak stomachs.

Worse – cool bath, hot weather
Remedy – Antimonium crudum

  • Frequent watery stools with undigested food; severe stomach pain accompanied by fever; excess gas formation, but passing gas provides no relief; severe burping; bitter taste in the mouth; fever varies.

Worse – Fruit, milk, hot weather
Better – Bending over, pressure
Remedy – Colocynthis

  • Diarrhea is slimy and thick; fever; abdominal pain starts slowly; patient’s body is ice cold but still wants to drink something cold. Especially in people who catch cold during the end of summer season by getting wet or chilled.

Better – Warmth
Remedy – Dulcamara

  • Watery diarrhea in the morning with foul smell; there is no pain; very exhausted; immediately after eating there is onset of abdominal pain accompanied by bowel movement; yellow coating on the tongue; teeth leave marks on the edge of the tongue; wants to drink something cold.

Better – Warmth, body compresses, bending over
Remedy – Podophyllum