Foul Stool | Causes of Stool Foul Smelling | How to Stop Smelly Stools


Causes of Foul Stool

There are times when we tend to observe that our feces would give off a certain awful smell that we sometimes cannot tolerate. There are also those times when it doesn’t give off any smell at all.

There are certain factors and causes that would contribute to the occurrence of smelly stools.

  • Eating too much meat products and certain food that requires longer digestion.
  • Not having a regular bowel movement may also be a factor to such circumstances.
  • An underlying health condition may also trigger a change in the feces odor.

Prevent Stool Foul Smelling

There are methods to avoid having stools that would give off a bad smell.

These are not scientifically proven to work but it would be a shot to at least try.

  • Eating yogurt or any food item that contains live microorganisms. Some contain lactobacilli, which helps combat other invading bacteria. Hence, it would decrease the stool odor.
  • Increasing and incorporating fruits and high fiber food can help cleanse the colon and at the same time helps preventing foul smelling stool.
  • Having a regular schedule of bowel movement facilitates emptying of the colon. With this, stools will not remain stagnant and there would be no accumulation and increased growth of bacteria.
  • Avoiding unhealthy lifestyle and practices such as smoking and drinking alcohol. These practices can alter the nutritional balance of a certain individual. It places them at risk to acquire other diseases.

Diet Tips to Stop Smelly Stools

Nowadays, there has been an increase in the rate of incidence of colon cancer patients. Their lifestyle may be one of the precipitating and predisposing factors. However, the diet of an individual plays a major role in the prevention of any complications and certain diseases and conditions in the gastrointestinal tract.

The ideal management diet for smelly stools includes the following:

  • Consumption of green and leafy vegetables
  • Eating and incorporating fruits in the diet helps facilitate cleansing the tract, and its antioxidant properties will protect the individual from certain diseases.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids help aid in the absorption process, hence it prevents severe constipation.
  • Yogurt contains live lactobacilli microorganisms that help kill other bacteria in the intestinal tract. An individual who has colostomy, which is an artificial anus form by surgically connecting the colon to an opening on the abdomen, is even usually advised to eat yogurt.

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