Diet for Chronic Pancreatitis Treatment | Chronic Pancreatitis Symptoms and Diagnosis

Question: For the past three years I am suffering from abdominal pain. After consulting a gastro entrologist, I did ultra sound and CT scan which showed calcifications in head and pancreatic body. Is this curable? Please suggest a treatment, medicines and food habit as well.

Chronic pancreatitis is the constant inflammation of the pancreas, characterized by irreversible structural changes, causing pain and/ or permanent impairment of the function.

Chronic Pancreatitis Types:

  • Chronic calcification: This is invariably caused due to heavy alcohol consumption, especially in combination with a high protein, high fat diet.
  • Hereditary: gene-related
  • Tropical: occurs due to malnourishment
  • Obstructive: occurs due to an obstruction of the pancreatic duct

What exactly are your symptoms?
Are you taking any medication right now?
Are you a heavy drinker?
What is your meal pattern?

Chronic Pancreatitis Symptoms:

  • Chronic pain, interspersed with severe acute attacks.
    The attack is usually precipitated by alcohol
  • Weight loss
  • Drops of oil in the stool
  • Diabetes, almost always develops.

Prevention and Diet for Chronic Pancreatitis:

  • Alcohol ought to be stopped at once.
  • Surgical intervention is controversial
  • Dietary management is extremely crucial. Watch your diet closely. Cut down your fat intake by 3/4. Go slow with the butter, cream, margarine and oil.
  • Consume only, low cal, skimmed, cow’s milk.
  • Avoid milk products. Thin buttermilk is allowed.
  • Avoid eating any greasy food, when eating out. Opt for fermented foods, salads, fruits instead.
  • Also, avoid animal proteins – egg, fish, and meat. Once in 10 days is recommended.
  • Heavy spices should be avoided.
  • Diabetes develops in most of the patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis. Hence, it is advocated that you check the blood sugar level every 3 months. Stay away from white sugar, refined and processed foods.
  • A pancreatic supplement needs to be taken along with each meal.

Complications that you need to be wary about:

  • Pancreatic pseudo-cyst
  • Ascites.

The prognosis of the disease depends on complete abstention from alcohol, rigid dietary management, moderate exercise, and above all, stress-managing.


  1. M said:

    Symptoms almost sound like Gallbladder symptoms, rather than pancreatitis. The gallbladder can cause referred shoulder pain, which can almost feel like a heart attack, or severe heart burn. It will come on shortly after a meal, especially a fatty meal.

    December 14, 2009

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