Chronic Gastritis Symptoms: Causes, Prevention And Home Remedies

Chronic gastritis signifies chronic inflammation of the stomach. The classification is histological i.e. the mucosal changes in the stomach which have occurred progressively over many years.

Types of Chronic Gastritis:

  • Chronic superficial gastritis
  • Atrophic gastritis

Causes And Symptoms Of Chronic Gastritis

  • Pernicious anemia.
  • Auto-immune (Type A) mediated glandular destruction.
  • Chronic gastritis is common in peptic ulcers, gastric cancer and after gastric surgery.
  • H. pylori are also considered a major cause. This organism can be demonstrated above the gastric surface cells in majority of people with chronic gastritis.

Symptoms: Usually the person has a history of long term complaints, like on and off epigastria pain, nausea, bloating of abdomen (upper quadrant) even with very less amount of food intake, heart burn in few cases and symptoms due to anemia (in autoimmune type) like weakness, easy fatigue on minimal exertion, giddiness and loss of appetite.

Prevention Of Chronic Gastritis

  • Avoid gastric irritants like tea, coffee, oily, spicy, fried foods, chilies, pickles etc.
  • Strictly no alcohol and smoking or use of tobacco in any form.
  • Food should be taken at regular timings and intervals.
  • Avoid excess mental as well as physical stress and strain.
  • Long term use of analgesics, aspirin etc. should be avoided.
  • Take adequate rest and sleep well.
  • Daily exercises and a healthy diet help prevent recurrence of symptoms.

Home Remedies For Chronic Gastritis

  • Milk has been always known to be healing for stomach lining. Therefore, milk should be taken daily instead of tea and coffee.
  • Most working people tend to have two full meals, with little or nothing for snacks in between but the chronic gastritis patients should have small meals every three hours which keeps acid attack in check and gives relief from acidity and heart burn.
  • Banana also is known to have ulcer healing properties and is very good for chronic gastritis patients with ulcer.
  • Following food items should be introduced in diet
  1. Barley, wheat bran and unpolished rice.
  2. Bitter vegetables and leafy green vegetables with high water content, celery, beans, cucumber, pumpkin and sprouts should be added.
  3. Use of rice bran oil and olive oil for cooking.
  4. All seasonal fruits, but mangoes should be consumed in moderation.