C Diff Bowel Infection: Causes and Treatment of C. Difficile Infection

What Is C Diff Bowel Infection?

Understanding C Diff Bowel Infection

A Clostridium difficile is a bacterium that causes C. diff bowel infection and affects the colon. This condition is closely associated with diarrhea. For non-medical practitioners or individuals who do not have a background on medicine, C. difficile infection may sound new and may wonder what is it.

As an overview, the colon is inhabited with a balance of good and bad bacteria such as C. difficile that helps in the successful food processing and digestion in the body. However, when the normal balance between the good and bad bacteria in the colon is disrupted, bad bacteria such as c.

difficile tends to increase in number and results to infection.

What Causes C. Difficile Infection?

There are factors that make a person susceptible to C. diff bowel infection such as age since bacterial imbalance is a normal sign of aging, hospital stay where there is a risk of c. difficile exposure, weak immune system, and having a nasogastric tube. Furthermore, the normal balance of good and bad bacteria in the colon is disrupted with the following circumstances:

  • exposure to antibiotics
  • exposure and direct contact with human feces
  • contact with a person infected with c. difficile
  • inhalation or swallowing of food and substances with c.
    difficile bacteria

Treatment of C. Difficile Infection

To have an effective treatment, c. difficile infection must be coupled with laboratory tests and examinations. A person with c. diff bowel infection is generally advised to keep rehydrated by taking lots of fluids such as water, broth, soup, and juices. An infected person will also be given antibiotics that has to be taken completely as prescribed by the doctor. The person should be given proper nutrition with lots of green, leafy vegetables and fibrous fruits to cleans and bring back the normal balance of bacteria in the colon.

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  1. Wesley said:

    I have been in contact with an individual that has C. Diff infection. Before I knew about his condition I was in contact with this person. Then once I found out I gloved up, but not with latex glove it was with my every day search gloves as that was all I had at that time. I used a lot of hand sanitizer afterwards. Then once I was able to wash with soap and water, about 20 minutes later I did so. I even sprayed my clothing and vehicle down with Lysol.

    The question is should I be worried about getting this infection and if so how long I have to wait until I need to get checked? And how soon will I be affected with the symptoms of this infection?

    March 23, 2017

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