Blood In Vomiting Treatment And Causes: Diet Remedies For Vomiting

Question: I vomited after eating food and two days before I vomited with blood. I had fever and stomach pain a week ago. What should be the problem?

Answer: Have you got any investigations done?

It would be advisable to get a barium meal and/or an endoscopy done at the earliest. It makes the diagnosis definite and prevents a delay in starting the appropriate treatment.

  • When does the pain come on? Night?
  • Does vomiting ameliorate the pain?
  • Do you suffer from acidity?
  • Has there been weight loss?

Causes Of Blood In Vomiting

There are varied reasons for blood in vomiting.

  • Esophageal varices (engorgement and varicosity of veins in the esophagus).
  • Peptic ulcer (this is quite a common and likely cause, the ulceration could be located either in the stomach/duodenum).
  • Carcinoma stomach (it’s a malignant condition of the stomach, it is safer to rule it out quickly).

Dietary indiscretions, overeating, eating heavy, greasy, and heavily spiced foods, irregular meal timings, and stress, – all contribute to gastric derangements.
Type A personalities (irritable, short tempered, perfectionists, easily stressed out) are more prone.

Treatment For Blood Vomiting

  • Reorganize your diet and daily routine.
  • If, you smoke, stop right away.
  • Stay away from liquor.
  • Avoid any kinds of stimulants – tea, coffee, aerated drinks, pickles
  • Eat only, soft, cooked/ steamed vegetables, rice, broken wheat, and lots of salad to prevent blood in vomiting.
  • Ripe bananas are highly beneficial for blood vomiting cure. Being bland, smooth, easily digestible, and having a laxative effect, they promote healing.
  • A combination of banana and milk is ideal.
  • Begin your day with foods that leave an alkaline ash. – milk, almonds, raisins, and figs. These are the best foods to kick-start your day.
  • Remember to chew your food properly. Don’t rush through the meal.
  • Set a fixed schedule – right eating, exercise, and stress management.