Bad Smelling Flatulence Treatment | Bloated, Growling Stomach Remedy

Question: I get loud growling stomach with bad smelling flatulence. Other symptoms are bloated stomach even when little food is eaten.


A growling stomach invariably signifies hunger pangs and/ or flatulence.
The chief cause is having meals that are too spaced out and greatly irregular eating patterns. These inevitably result in borborygmi (loud rumbling in the stomach) and excessive gas formation.

Do you follow a regular and a fixed eating schedule?
Is there a huge gap between 2 meals?
Do you stay hungry for long periods of time?

Treatment for Bloating or Growling Stomach:

  • Always begin your day with a meal that leaves an alkaline ash.
    Milk, nuts, dry fruits, all leave the stomach alkaline and fight acidity.
  • You ought to eat every 3 hours. Small, frequent meals are the only solution to the problem.
  • Stick to meal timings.
  • Feeling of discomfort and distress in the abdomen is due to the consumption of heavy meals, interspersed with periods of starvation. This further leads to acidity, aggravating the problem.
  • Buttermilk is a soothing food. Make it a habit to have 1 glass everyday.
  • Eat a spoonful of caraway seeds after every meal. They have a carminative effect, and fight gas formation and bloating.
  • Wrong food combinations also cause excessive flatulence, do not club pulses with yogurt.
  • Include lots of sprouts and salad in the diet.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Yoga asanas – Gomukhasana and Pawanmuktasana are ideal for gastric and digestive troubles. They tone up the abdominal organs and improve the processes of digestion and elimination.

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