Causes Of Black Specks In Vomit And Its Treatment Options

Black specks in vomit are indicative of presence of blood clots in vomit. While there are a host of factors that may contribute to presence of blood in vomitus, black specks in vomit are an indication of a medical emergency. However, when dark colored vomit or black specks in vomit are not associated with any possible dietary explanation, it is very crucial to seek immediate medical attention. This article provides information about black stuff in vomit, its causes and treatment protocol.

There are certain conditions which result in bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract.

Blood enters into the stomach and is broken down by the various enzymes and acids present in the stomach. This degeneration of blood causes its color to change from red to dark brown or black. While there are can several factors that result in upper gastrointestinal tract bleeding, black specks in vomiting are indicative of presence of blood in vomitus.

In some cases, black specks in vomit may be associated with the kind of food consumed. Consumption of dark color food, just prior to the episode of vomiting may also result in black specks in vomit.

However, when there is no dietary explanation to presence of black specks in vomiting, it is always recommended to verify the condition and check for internal gastrointestinal bleeding.

What Causes Vomiting Black Stuff?

The black stuff in vomiting can be either attributed to the food that was consumed just prior to the episode of vomiting or to presence of blood in the gastrointestinal system. While the cause for the first factor can be verified, there are several other factors that are associated with bleeding in the gastrointestinal system,

  • Tear or damage to the esophageal lining or the stomach lining
  • Tumor or polyp in the upper part of the gastrointestinal system
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol can also result in internal bleeding
  • Peptic or gastric ulcer is also associated with black stuff in the vomit
  • Hemorrhagic disease like yellow fever and certain medication can also increase the risk of development of internal bleeding and result in black stuff in the vomit
  • Kidney disease and internal trauma can also lead to black specks of vomiting.

Treatment For Black Specks In Vomit

When black specks of vomit have a dietary explanation to it, there is nothing to worry about it. However when black specks in vomit are associated with internal bleeding, the condition is worrisome. Internal bleeding can be attributed to be one of the causative factors for black specks of vomit.

Often black specks in vomit are not the only symptom. This condition is associated with a host of other symptoms which include nausea, burning sensation in the stomach, fainting feeling with excessive diarrhea and perspiration.

When black specks in vomit are attributed to internal bleeding it is a medical emergency.

Black specks in vomit, due to internal bleeding are a cause of concern and immediate medical attention should be sought. Drink cold water or cold milk. Cold water will result in vasoconstriction and prevent excessive bleeding. However this needs to be done only if advised by the medical professional.


  1. Ani said:

    My husband has had bad acid reflux problem for years now and it doesn’t seem to get better. He will have it everyday even if he just drinks water. He went to the ER because symptoms got really bad and he didn’t have h.pylori nor ulcers but his gallbladder was bad so he had it removed.

    We thought things would be better but it is not. He takes Nexium everyday and if he misses a day or tries to go a day without it he isn’t able to eat or drink. He gets bad heartburn and vomits acid and black specks. I know he can’t just keep taking Nexium everyday year round. Does anyone else suffer from this problem? What could this be?

    April 4, 2016
  2. Tim said:

    I have also this condition, but unfortunately it seems that only Prilosec or its genetic equivalent Omeprazol can help. If food gets stuck, coke or cola can work miracles in flushing the food down, in most cases immediately.

    July 19, 2016
  3. Wilma said:

    It is a must to get an endoscopy done, as I had these symptoms and it was Barrett’s esophagus with high grade dysplasia and I needed major surgery to remove diseased parts. If ignored it can become cancer with poor outcome. Demand an endoscopy or go to private it could save your lives.

    December 29, 2017

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