Is Too Much Protein Bad For You: Side Effects Of High Protein Intake

Protein is a building block for our body, but too much protein may be bad for our health.

Protein is made up of amino acids, and it is one of the compounds required by body to maintain good health. The protein requirement depends on a person’s age and his life style.

What Is Too Much Protein?

  • Normally protein should be consumed 0.8 to 1 gram per kilogram of body weight in a day.
  • Pregnant and nursing woman require more protein than normal i.e. 10 to 12 grams more.
  • Most adult Americans get all protein they need from their diet.
    If you eat animal products such as milk, cheese, egg, fish, meat etc, or for veggies legumes, cereals, breads, fruits you will get sufficient protein.

Is Too Much Protein Bad For You?

Let us know how too much protein is bad for health.

  • Kidney damage: too much protein intake can burden the kidney, and in the process it has to work more to expel the processed waste from the proteins. In addition excess of proteins can cause kidney stones.
  • Too much protein consumption can lead to excess of ketone bodies in blood. Kidney works hard to expel the ketones from the blood, and in doing so it excretes water from the body, causing dehydration.
    Persons may than feel weak and fatigued.
  • Calcium requirement increases when there is excess load of protein, and if calcium requirement is not met, body leeches calcium from bones, this may result in osteoporosis of bone and chances of fracture increase in this patients. Thus too much protein can cause osteoporosis.

Side Effects Of High Protein Intake

  • Hypertension tired feeling, nausea and vomiting, headache and dizziness are other side effects when you eat too much protein.
  • Low carbohydrate and high protein diet may cause constipation.

After knowing too much protein is bad for your health, one should equally be made aware that minimal requirement of protein is a must to keep our body functioning.