Food Poisoning After Eating Chicken: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

You may savor the taste of chicken and the delicacies of variety of chicken dishes, chicken sandwich or chicken curry to name a few. But some time you may land up with cramps in abdomen and vomiting, this is the result of food poisoning after eating chicken.

Food poisoning occurs after consuming food that contains germs and bacteria, which act on the alimentary tract giving rise to various symptoms. The symptoms can occur immediately or after few hours of ingestion or it may take a couple of days.

Causes Of Food Poisoning From Chicken

Foods from animal source like poultry chicken, meat, fish (shellfish) and shrimps are potential causes of food poisoning.

They all harbor bacteria, viruses and poisonous substances. The problem arises most often when chicken is consumed raw or undercooked. If chicken is not stored in deep freezer, the risk of food poisoning increases.

Food poisoning from eating chicken is mainly due to campylobacter and salmonella bacteria. They harbor in the intestine and liver of chicken.  People with health problems and poor immune system are more prone to infections with these bacteria; they invade the blood stream to cause life threatening infection.

People who do not maintain proper hygiene while handling chicken can spread the infective bacteria.

Symptoms Of Food Poisoning After Eating Chicken

Symptoms of food poisoning after eating chicken may be soon after eating it within one or two hours. In some cases the effect of food poisoning may manifest 6 to 8 hours or after one day of eating chicken. The symptoms may be mild to moderate or severe depending on various factors such as the type of invading organism, its potency and patients immunity to resist the germs. If the immune system is weak, the symptoms may intensive.

  • Cramps in abdomen are the first symptom. There may be spasmodic pain in abdomen which at times may be uncontrollable. Due to cramps patient finds difficulty to move about.
  • Constant vomiting.
  • Diarrhea sets in after few hours. The stool may be watery and it may be mixed with blood. In many cases mucus is present.
  • Fever with rigors is found in almost all cases of food poisoning due to chicken.
  • Patient may complain of headache.
  • Patient may feel drowsy due to presence of toxins in the body or due to excessive diarrhea and vomiting.

Treatment For Chicken Food Poisoning

If you doubt that the symptoms have occurred after ingestion of chicken you should immediately consult a doctor, because in some cases it may turn out to be a life threatening situation.

Usually antibiotics and other supportive measures such as fluid replacement in case of vomiting and diarrhea ensure quick recovery from the ailment. If the symptoms are severe patient may need to be hospitalized.

Preventive measure such as proper cooking as it kills the bacteria present in chicken, maintaining personal hygiene by washing your hands when handling the food. Avoid eating the leftover chicken or preheat it before eating as the bacteria gets destroyed after heating.

While purchasing from a cold storage check for expiry date and sell by date for raw chicken.

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