Side Effects Of Diet Pills: Long Term Effects Of Weight Loss Pills

Diet pills and weight loss supplements have a huge prospective to help shed unwanted weight. This can make them highly appealing, especially if you have been trying to lose weight and have been unsuccessful.

However, the advantages should always be evaluated against the ill effects of the weight loss pills, before embarking on the treatment.

In a recent study, it was disclosed that, diet pills, which contain ephendra or guarana, could raise the heart rate and blood pressure. This in turn, could greatly increase the risk of developing a heart attack or a stroke.

In addition, these weight loss pills could affect the glucose and potassium balance in the body, which further affects the heart health.
The dangers are greater for those people, who already have certain medical conditions, such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, or diabetes. They should check the side effects of diet pills first.
While the US Food and Drug Administration has banned ephendra, many diet pills still contain guarana.
Achieving an ideal body weight is important, but so is doing it the right way. An optimum diet, healthy lifestyle changes, and exercising are the only way out.

Weight Loss Pills Side Effects

  • Some diet pills, particularly stimulant based pills, are habit forming and make one dependent on them.
  • Weight loss pills are known to disrupt the metabolism. They suppress appetite, which makes you consume lesser calories. As you decrease the calorie intake, your metabolism slows down. Consequently, the amount of weight you lose also diminishes.
  • Diet supplements are meant to be administered only for a short periods. After 6 months, the system will develop tolerance to the diet pills. If you do not adhere to a healthy diet plan and an exercise routine, the weight will come back.

 Long Term Effects Of Diet Pills

  • Pills that get rid of surplus fats may cause cramping, diarrhea and excessive gas formation.
  • Some supplements diminish the absorption of certain vital nutrients, thus, people need to take an additional multi-vitamin pill to prevent a deficiency.
  • Diet pills are also known to elevate blood pressure. This greatly augments the peril of developing cardio-vascular diseases and heart attack.

Healthy Weight Loss Plan

The ideal and most successful solution to weight problems is to unite appropriate lifestyle changes with a suitable diet plan. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, regular health checkups and stress management boost weight loss success.

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