Parsley Juice | Health Benefits Of Celery Parsley Juice

Health Benefits Of Parsley Juice

  • The leafy green veggie you can grow right in your kitchen garden or window sill is one of the most nutritious vegetable. The parsley juice health benefits are even greater.
  • It is easy to grow from seed and thrives just about anywhere. There is nothing better than to reach for some pure powerful nutrients right from your own garden.
  • The antibacterial actions of this super food help to combat infections and works to kick your immune system up a notch.
  • Parsley aids in digestion and will help an upset stomach if you do not eat too much.
  • Vitamin C and flavonoids help to keep you from bruising easily. It does so by increasing and building up the inside walls of all your blood vessels in the body.

Parsley Juice

  • Parsley is very effective at cleaning the blood and the urine system. It keeps the kidney and bladder clean as it functions as an antiseptic, which makes it harder for cancer cells to invade
  • Women and cardiac patients can benefit from parsleys actions as a natural diuretic that carries unwanted and unneeded fluids out of the body. It helps with the bloating and PMS symptoms women suffer from every month.
  • Vitamin E in parsley helps all the body cells to function to maximum and helps the body to grow new cells

How to Make Parsley Juice

You do not need any special knowledge to make parsley juice and only thing you need is a juicer.

  • It is very important when you make parsley juice that you add other veggies with it. Parsley has a strong taste so you should use milder vegetables with it.
  • Never drink more than a cup a day. If you want to take it straight, use only 1 ounce to a glass of another liquid.
  • The easiest and most nutritious parsley juice recipe is to take one handful of parsley, a couple stalks of celery, a few cukes, carrots, and a peeled lemon. Mix it all together in the juicer and serve over ice.

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