Milled Flaxseed Recipes: Health Benefits Of Ground Flaxseed

Recently flax seeds have come to lime light, due to its various medicinal health benefits, and why not, you get all the health benefits so economically and in natural way.

Flax seeds are available as whole flax seeds, milled flax seeds, flax oils etc. Among them milled flax seeds are more valuable for our body, as omega-3 oils present in milled flax seeds are absorbed fully.

Omega-3 oil is heart healthy product present in milled flax seeds.

Health Benefits Of Milled Flaxseed

Some of the benefits of milled flax seeds are as follows:

  • Milled fax seeds contain lignan, it has anticancer properties.
  • Milled flax seeds are valuable source of omega-3 oils, which has proved to be a valuable cure in reducing cholesterol i.e. HDL level in our blood. Thus promoting healthy heart and reducing hypertension problems.
  • Milled flax seeds contain loads of dietary fiber; it cures constipation if regularly consumed.
  • Milled flax seed has skin healing properties as LNA present in it acts as an anti- inflammatory in acne and several other skin diseases.
  • Milled flax seeds if given to terminally ill patient, can give a hope to lengthen their life due to various medicinal properties it contains.

Milled Flaxseed Recipes And Weight Loss

Milled flax seed is used for weight loss, if 3 table spoon of it is consumed daily for a period of time, you will observe reduced weight.

Recipes with milled flax seeds include its addition on cereals, toasts, salads and dessert toppings. It can be mixed in fruit juice, yogurt, meal replacement drinks or in protein drinks.

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