Is Fasting Good For Your Health? Its Benefits & Side Effects

Fasting is a deliberate absenteeism from eating food. Many people all around the world fast for one reason or the other. Some people may fast because of religious beliefs, while some people may attempt therapeutic fasting for better health. Fasting provides lot of benefits at physical as well as psychological level. Fasting once in a while is great for overall health as it detoxifies the system. On the other hand it is known to reduce stress, increases mental clarity and focus. Some believe it is a method of purifying body, mind and soul.

Having said this, the effect of fasting may differ from one person to another. Fasting for one person may help to feel more energetic, rejuvenated and vitalized. While for another it may cause weakness and in such situation fasting is no longer a gain for the body, but more a destructive, in such situation the person must stop fasting.

What Are The Benefits Of Fasting To Our Health?

There are several health benefits of fasting.

Whenever a person fasts his body has little work of digestion. In this period body tries to eliminate toxins accumulated in it.

In fact it is a good antidote for the overindulgence that we are accustomed to, day in and day out. The body gets enough rest from the onslaught of different type of food that we eat. Food no doubt provides us with energy. But if we think slightly differently, body consumes so much energy for digestion of food. If this activity is stopped for some time, the free energy can be diverted and utilized for repairing of body cells.

Fasting is not a cure for any disease or any disorder. But it creates an environment which allows the healing process to occur smoothly.

In fact it provides a path for re-balancing of the system. Fasting is beneficial for losing weight. Since the metabolism of every person is different, the exact amount of weight loss may not be the same. People who fast for losing weight should be professionally guided as they provide psychological as well as medical help for the obese person.

Fasting for 3 days in a week inspires a person to eat natural food as it may change the taste of food that you eat. It also links new relation of food with the person. He now is able to distinguish what he must eat and what not. It helps to change the habit and accomplish a new lifestyle regarding healthy eating habits.

Fasting not only acts on physical level, but it also leaves its impression on mind. It improves focus and concentration. Thus it encourages and provides energy to get things done which once were presumed to be a difficult task. Many people fast when they have a major work or a dead line to meet.

Therapeutic fasting is beneficial in providing good skin health. The symptoms of certain conditions such as acne, psoriasis may be alleviated or intensity reduced by therapeutic fasting as it helps to reduce inflammatory process in the body.

Possible Side Effects Of Fasting

While fasting is beneficial for body, mind and soul, one must not forget it carries numerous health risks. First of all it can dehydrate the body, especially if the person fast from food and fluids. Fasting can be actually a challenge if a person is used to eat frequent meals. Fast can also cause mental stress in some people and cause disturbance in sound sleep.

Such people may wake up with headache in the morning due to dehydration and lack of sleep. Fasting can also cause heartburn in some people. Even if there is no food in the stomach, secretion of acid continues, especially with the sight of food or smell of food.