Health Benefits of Dried Seaweed & Can it Fulfill Dietary Requirement

There are different types of seaweeds available which are largely consumed in the dried form. These seaweeds include wakame, nori and kombu. The production of dried seaweeds is a complex and advanced procedure. Seaweeds don’t take much time to grow and can attain maturity within 45 days. Seaweeds have several health benefits which have resulted in the production of dried seaweed extract supplements.

What are the Benefits of Consuming Dried Seaweed

Seaweeds are grown under the sea and are loaded with several minerals and nutrients. Estimates suggest that the concentration of minerals in seaweeds can be as high as 36%.

Seaweeds are loaded with various minerals like sulfur, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iodine, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, boron, nickel, cobalt, selenium and chlorine.

  • Dried Seaweeds are high in iodine. Brown algae contain the highest concentration of iodine while it ranges between 1500-1800 parts per million, in dried kelp. Consuming small quantities of dried seaweeds on regular basis fulfils the dietary requirement of the 150 micrograms per day.
  • Dried Seaweeds are also rich in calcium, though the calcium concentration is not very high. It can range from 4-7% of the dry mass. The consumption of 100 grams of sea weed can provide about 70 mg of calcium.
  • Dried Seaweeds are also loaded with proteins. The concentration of protein can range between 5-11% in some forms while it can be as high as 30-40% in some others.
  • Seaweeds are a great source of carotenes. Vitamin A content can range from 20 to 170 parts per million of the dried mass.
  • Dried seaweeds also contain Vitamin C in the range of 500-5000 parts per millions.
  • In addition, dried seaweeds are a good source of Vitamin B12, which is usually limited in a vegetarian diet.

Proper Development of Health with Dried Seaweeds

Seaweeds have several health benefits which are largely attributed to the high concentration of minerals and vitamins in the sea weeds.

Seaweeds play a crucial role in ensuring proper growth of the body and plays a pivotal role in development.

  • Dried seaweeds are a great source of Vitamin B5 and hence play a crucial role in cutting down the levels of blood cholesterol and protect the heart.
  • Copper content in the seaweeds is beneficial in preventing inflammatory condition like acne and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Iron is beneficial in improving the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood while magnesium helps in improving nerve health and muscle health. Calcium prevents osteoporosis and hastens the healing of fractured bones.
  • Boron and other minerals play a crucial role in preventing the development of diabetes.
  • Seaweeds also are loaded with riboflavin and niacin which help in tissue regeneration and can be beneficial in delaying the onset of aging.
  • Seaweeds are slightly higher in calorie count, which is probably the only factor which can limit the high intake of seaweeds by humans. Protein concentration of seaweeds makes it an important source of amino acids and is considered beneficial for body builders and athletes as it helps in building the muscle mass.

Seaweeds have several health benefits, however a moderate consumption of seaweeds is recommended to prevent vitamin and mineral toxicity.