Good Diet For Teenage Girls: Lose Weight Healthy Foods for Teenage Girl

Diet for Teenage Girls

Any weight loss program needs to be discussed with your doctor. This is particularly important for teens. There are certain medical conditions that result in weight gain; and these should be ruled out before embarking on to a diet.

Foods for Teenage Girls to Lose Weight

Losing weight for teens comprises of adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating wholesome and nutritious foods, incorporating low cal and zero cal foods in the daily diet, exercise, and adequate de-stressing.

Good, Healthy Diet for Teenage Girls

  • Food choices are a very important aspect of a teenage girl weight loss plan.
    Never miss meals/go hungry; it leads to binge eating later. See Binge eating disorder treatment also.
  • For breakfast, steer clear of sugary cereals. Opt for adult cereal instead; it is low in fat and loaded with fiber. Incorporate fruits for breakfast.
  • Sandwiches are a good choice for lunch. Add lots of vegetables, lean meats like ham / turkey / tuna with low fat mayonnaise. Avoid crispy chicken, opt for grilled instead.
  • Have a mid-evening snack of fresh fruits, dry fruits or nuts.
  • Never think of your diet as self-denial. Find alternatives that you enjoy.
  • Ensure that you eat the following, they provide negligible calories, yet make you feel full: tomatoes, capsicums, limes, prunes, strawberries, lettuce and celery.

Weight Loss Diets for Teenage Girls

  • An obvious inclusion is having a regular exercise plan; not rigorous exercise, light and moderate activity is adequate. Cardio-training and light weight training helps attain weight loss for teenagers.
  • It is important that you start your weight loss program as soon as possible. Obesity at an early age adversely effects the physical health, increasing the risk for a host of diseases; and impacts self confidence levels as well.