What Foods To Eat To Lower Blood Pressure? Diet For Controlling BP

A balanced diet plays an important role to lower blood pressure. Food containing vitamins, minerals, help the patient to lower blood pressure if it is high.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition which can harm the body in many ways, the incidence of stroke; heart attack and aneurysm are often associated with hypertension. Calcium and potassium are the essential nutrients necessary to expel sodium, which is harmful in hypertension.

Researchers have found that individuals who consume a diet that is rich in potassium, have a lower incidence of hypertension and atherosclerosis.

And, if they consume a potassium rich diet, and also restrict their salt intake, the results are spectacular.

Natural Foods That Lower High Blood Pressure

Following foods are helpful in lowering high blood pressure include:

  • Garlic: Garlic has the quality to relax the spasm of the blood vessels. It slows down the pulse and normalizes the rhythm of heart. Two cloves of garlic per day help maintain normal blood pressure.
  • Bananas: Bananas are energy booster; they contain high level of potassium and fiber content. Potassium helps to excrete sodium salt, thus helps to lower blood pressure.
    The fiber content is useful to decrease the risk of cardiovascular catastrophe.
  • Soy food: It is rich in isoflavones, their ability to decrease cholesterol makes them a leading food ingredient in lowering blood pressure.
  • Fish: Fish contains high level of potassium and omega 3 fatty acids, especially tuna, halibut and salmon. Both these contents act on the walls of blood vessel and cholesterol thereby keeping the blood pressure on lower side.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Potassium content in fruits and vegetable makes them the food of choice to lower the blood pressure.
  • Avocados: Folic acid and oleic acid found in avocados lowers the blood pressure, and thus promotes healthy heart.
  • Dark chocolate: Recent studies have shown that dark chocolates reduce the bad cholesterol or HDL level in the blood and thus effect in lowering the blood pressure.
  • Margarine and vegetable oils help to lower the blood pressure.
  • Skimmed milk is loaded with calcium salts which expel sodium.