Does Fast Food Cause Obesity? How It Affects Obesity in Childhood

The escalating rate of obesity all over the world has profoundly surprised and shocked many intelligent people and researchers. It seems history has been changed for the first time; the poor are becoming fat while rich are growing thin! Now obesity buy cialis without prescription

is not a limited problem among wealthy nations, it has afflicted third world countries too. The astounding realty is there are more obese people in the world, than the undernourished. What is responsible for this crisis? According to many people, the answer lies in fast food chains.

Today in any part of the world, you will find fast food restaurants. Though there are number of causes linked with obesity, no one can deny that eating fast food is one of main reason for obesity, particularly childhood obesity.

Fast food is the term used for food that is prepared and served at a short notice. While any food which requires low preparation time may be considered as fast food, the term is more precisely used for food that is sold in food chain stores. Here the ingredients are preheated and precooked and served in takeaway packages.

How Does Fast Food Lead To Obesity?

It is an obvious question which needs to be answered relevantly. Actually fast food contains high amount of saturated fats and calories. These two factors are prime cause for an alarming rise of obesity. Fast food contains lot of carbohydrates, oils and sugars. All these have high calorie value. Even if you eat a small portion, the amount of calorie consumed is much high.

Secondly, most of the fast food dishes are large in quantity. This encourages you to eat more than what is needed. Eating such high amount of calorie rich food will definitely increase the chance of obesity.

People who fill their stomach with fast food may not like to eat or avoid healthy foods such as fruits, milk or vegetables. The change in eating pattern has drastically compounded the problem of obesity.

While eating fast food, people are tempted to take extra topping such as cheese or a soft drink which are loaded with calories. Eating the extra serving leads to ingestion of more calories and increasing the risk of obesity.

According to a research, if you eat fast food two times in a week, your chances of becoming obese are doubled. Combination of fast food, sedentary habits, and lack of exercise is responsible for obesity.

Factors Encouraging People To Eat Fast Food

  • They are easily available. In every nook and corner you will find a fast food store or a restaurant. It becomes easy for people to buy and eat in a comfortable place.
  • Most of the fast food is reasonably priced. The price is within reach of a common man.
  • Advertising done by fast food restaurants may subconsciously make us to eat it.

Fast Food and Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is growing at an alarming pace. It is particularly true in industrialized and economically sound countries. However, nowadays even in third world countries, children are becoming obese. Much of the credit goes to overexposure of fast food, sedentary habits, and lack of exercise among children. Most children like to eat fast food. They are attracted towards it due to its delicious taste and secondly the way of fast food chains advertizing policy. Most advertizes is focused on children. Adding to the woes, with availability of modern gadgets, children spend less time playing outside. They prefer to play video games and computer games, watch television etc instead of active physical outdoor games. An inactive lifestyle and eating calorie rich fast food are two risk factors responsible for childhood obesity.