Why Should We Eat More Fruits And Vegetables Than Meat?

Food is the basic need of human body or for that matter for any living being. Normally the food that we eat must be governed by three main principles. It should nourish our body, safeguard our health and whenever necessary help the body in fighting diseases. Besides the primary qualities, the food that we eat must also appear and taste pleasant. Nowadays there is lot of debate on whether a person should include more vegetables in his diet as compared to meat.

Most experts are of the opinion that our diet should be balanced with all nutritious food which includes vegetables, meat, fruits, grains etc.

Unless you are a vegetarian you do not need to omit meat. To maintain health and proper bodily function our body needs vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate, as well as fats and to some amount phytochemicals and water. By eating variety of food in sensible portion our body gets all the key nutrients.

Health Benefits Of Eating Vegetables And Fruits

Let us understand the importance and benefits of eating vegetables and fruits in our diet. There are many health benefits of eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are densely packed with fibers.

Fibers are necessary for proper bowel movement. It also keeps us full for a longer time thus keeps balance of sugar in blood.

Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. Both are vital for well being of body. Besides, most vegetables are low in fats and calories. Thus they are useful to eat when a person is having high cholesterol level in blood. A diet rich in vegetables is beneficial in reducing the risk of diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and cancer of colon, stomach and mouth.

Eating vegetables rich in potassium is effective in reducing the risk of developing kidney stones and decrease on bone loss. Potassium also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. Vitamin C present in fruits and vegetables helps to heal wounds faster. It is also beneficial skin and gum health. Vitamin C also makes it easy for the intestine to absorb iron from the food that we eat.

Disadvantages Of Eating Too Much Meat

Majority of people in world eat meat in their diet. Usually out of three meals that most Americans eat, at least two meals consist of meat products. Most people do not realize the risk of eating meat although there are some beneficial properties. For example meat is the largest and best source of amino acid. Amino acid is a type of protein that all of us need to build our muscles and keep the immune system strong.

Most people eat red meat, lean meat, egg, and fish in their diet. Meat also contains iron. But eating meat has underlying risk too. Avoiding meat helps us to avoid eating saturated fats which is considered to be harmful for the body in many ways. Researchers have found that people who eat meat have greater risk of developing heart disease than people who eat only vegetarian diet.

Meat can also spread certain diseases such as mad cow disease or foot and mouth disease. Meat is often the cause of salmonella poisoning. People who eat red meat everyday as a main dish have greater risk of colon cancer as compared to people who eat red meat less than even once in a month. Meat does not contain fibers and antioxidants that are valuable for maintaining good health.

From the above facts it is quite clear that for proper and healthy body a person needs nutrients from both vegetables as well as meat. However, the portion and servings of meat should be much less as compared to vegetables.

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