Why Does Eating Healthy Makes Me Feel Tired?

We all know that the key to remain energetic is to eat healthy food, besides regular exercise, good night sleep and stress free life. Eating healthy food has so many health advantages. However, some people feel tired even after eating healthy food. The food that we eat provides much needed energy and nutrients. But it depends on many factors such as the type of food we eat, when and how we eat.

All the mentioned factors can either drain your energy or make you feel active and enthusiastic. Although you are eating healthy food, you need to make good food choices, right time of eating so that you get the much needed energy boost for your entire busy day without getting exhausted.

Reasons For Feeling Tired After Eating Healthy

Here are some of the reasons that make you feel tired after eating healthy:

  • Some people even though take all the possible steps to eat healthy and nutritious food, feel tired. This is because the time interval between two meals must be much more. Prolonged interval between two meals can lower blood sugar level. The food that we eat supplies sugar in the form of glucose. It is considered to be the main energy source. Glucose is needed to produce adenosine triphosphate. It is the main energy transporter.
    When blood sugar is low, the cells are deprived of the energy source. This makes you feel low and exhausted. Once you are tired you become irritated easily. You are not able to focus on your work. The best way to prevent tiredness in such cases is to eat at least something healthy after every two to three hours.
  • Often we think eating sugary food will provide instant energy. Yes it does but at the same time there is drastic fall of blood sugar within few hours. This will make you feel tired after eating. Hence you must include soluble fiber in your diet which prevents quick sugar absorption, hence sustaining energy for a longer period. Soluble fibers are found in oats, barley, nuts etc.
  • Most of us eat vegetables but certain vegetables indeed benefit more than others. For example the cruciferous variety such as cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprout, cauliflower or kale contains a substance called isothiocyanates. This substance activates the whole process of conversion of glucose into energy generator ATP.
  • Iron is a key element in providing strength and stamina in a person. If you are deficient in iron, what so ever you may eat you are going to feel tired and exhausted. Thus eat foods that are sufficiently packed with iron. Eat lean meat, spinach, kidney beans, etc as they are good source of iron. Also eat foods that are rich in vitamin C as it helps better absorption of iron from the intestine.
  • Many people consider carbohydrates are not good, but that is no true. The preference of carbohydrate must be for complex carbohydrate and not simple sugar which in excess may cause many health related issues. Complex carbohydrate takes time to get absorbed from the intestine. Carbohydrates burn fat and keep the energy intact in the muscles. Thus the ideal food that provides energy must consist of fifty percent of carbohydrate, 25 percent of fat and 25 percent of protein.

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