Dukan Diet Menu: Attack And Cruise Phase Dukan Diet Food List

The Dukan diet was developed by French doctor Pierre Dukan. This diet lays great emphasis on proteins, more so, because they help build muscle and preserve body mass along with burning fats. An important aspect of the diet plan is maintaining a stable body weight and following a healthy lifestyle.

The diet plans integrates 4 phases:

Attack Phase Dukan Diet Menu

  • The attack phase : 10 days

This phase requires you to consume only proteins. The food list encompasses: eggs, lean and skinless meat, beef, fish, ham, low-fat dairy products, tea, and coffee.

Cruise Phase Dukan Diet

  • The cruise phase : 1 week

Along with proteins, vegetables are included in the meals. Foods recommended are: eggs, lean and skinless meat, beef, fish, ham, low-fat dairy products, tea, coffee, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, tomatoes, French beans, spinach, peas, and pumpkin.

Food List For Dukan Diet

  • The consolidation phase

Gradually, start including carbohydrates in the diet. The food list is: the above list plus, pasta, bread and cheese.

  • The stabilization phase

This phase aims at stabilizing the body weight. You can eat whatever you want except on 1 day every week.

This day is the ‘Dukan diet day’ and you must consume only foods mentioned in the Dukan diet attack phase.

Dukan Diet Rules

  • The diet necessitates exclusion of certain foods including grains, fruits, pulses and nuts.
  • The diet is not advocated for individuals having high cholesterol, gout, kidney stones or eating disorders.
  • Adherence is necessary.