Does Spinach Cause Gas: Side Effects & Benefits of Eating Spinach

Question: does eating spinach daily cause gas and constipation? Is it ok to eat raw spinach as salad or vegetable. What are the other side effects of eating spinach? What are the benefits of eating spinach?

Does Spinach Cause Gas And Constipation?

Answer:  Spinach is high in fiber content. In general foods that are hard to digest produce lot of gas.

Fiber rich foods have the tendency of not breaking down completely during digestion, and thus forming gas. Spinach is high in fiber content leading to gas formation.

Side Effects Of Eating Spinach

The other foods which generally produce gas are: beans, cabbage, broccoli, corn, potatoes, Brussels, mushroom, cauliflower and onion. Fruits like apple, which has hard skin and difficult to digest can also produce gas.


Benefits Of Eating Spinach

As people become more health conscious, during every visit to their doctor they ask him of the diet regimen besides medicine, exercise etc. No doubt in the diet menu, the first thing a doctor recommends to eat is spinach, yes the benefits of eating spinach has made it more popular than any other vegetables.

Nutritional Value Of Spinach

Spinach is considered as a powerhouse of nutrients, with high fiber content.  Due to its immense health benefits eating spinach daily will act as a building block for a healthy body.

Spinach is a good source of iron among all the vegetables.

For an anemic person, eating spinach daily once in his meal will increase his iron content to a great extent.

Now let us know some of the health benefits of eating spinach.

  • Spinach is a good reservoir of vitamins. Natural source of vitamin A is beneficial in protecting eyes from different eye problems.
  • Spinach also contains flavanoids. It is a powerful anti oxidant. It is helpful in repairing the tissue damage and to keep a normal health.
  • The fiber content in spinach is beneficial in a smooth bowel movement. People suffering from constipation are often recommended to eat spinach.
  • Vitamin K present in spinach makes it a good natural agent for clotting mechanism in the blood.

Spinach Leaves Health Benefits

  • In hypertensive people eating spinach daily benefits to maintain good vascularity in the walls of the artery. The choline and inositol are compounds present in spinach which prevents hardening of arteries.
  • Diabetic patient should incorporate spinach regularly in his diet. It helps to keep his blood sugar stable.
  • Eating spinach during pregnancy is beneficial to mother as well as the child. For mother it is natural source of iron, fiber content relieves her constipation. Vitamins A, B and K present in spinach help the fetus for its healthy growth.