Colonoscopy Prep Diet: Low Residue Diet For Colonoscopy Preparation

Following certain dietary guidelines, helps make the colonoscopy procedure easy and smooth.

Two days prior to a colonoscopy, prepare your body through an appropriate diet. Avoid fried and greasy foods, and consume lean proteins like skinless chicken breast. Turkey, fish and clear liquids like broth are also recommended. Drink plenty of fluids. The key is to consume foods that are easy to digest.

Colonoscopy Prep Diet

  • One day before the procedure, have a breakfast comprising foods that are easily digestible and promote an empty colon. Thereafter, right up till the colonoscopy, consume only clear fluids, like fruit juices, vegetable juices, broth, ginger-ale, coffee and tea.
  • In the afternoon, according to the physician’s instructions, you will have to take the preparation drink that cleans the bowels. The dosage and instructions to administer will be given by the doctor.

Low Residue Diet For Colonoscopy

  • Foods to avoid until the colonoscopy are: Rich fatty foods, fiber rich foods that are difficult to digest, leafy greens, nuts, fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not consume solid food after breakfast 1 day prior to the procedure. Only fluids and clear liquids are advocated. These dietary measures are essential to empty out the bowels.

Preparation For Colonoscopy

Despite the fact that a colonoscopy in not a comfortable procedure, it is necessary to perform it regularly to screen for colon cancer.

Thus, a regular colonoscopy after 40 years of age can lessen the risk of advanced colon cancer.

What you consume before the colonoscopy can make it go smoother.