Benefits Of Eating Walnuts: Walnut Health Benefits During Pregnancy

Among all the nuts, walnut is considered to be king in dry fruit family. Benefits of eating walnuts for a good health are of profound importance. This is recognized and recommended by naturopaths as well as modern day health practitioners.

Nutritional Value Of Walnuts

Walnuts are the best source of proteins among the dry fruits. They are also rich in fiber, vitamin E the antioxidant, vitamin B complex, minerals such as magnesium, sterols and omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 fatty acids present in walnut benefits heart health, by lowering the LDL cholesterol. Besides this omega 3 fatty acids also help to maintain good elasticity of the arteries.

Eating walnuts therefore helps to decrease the chances of hypertension in a long run.

Health Benefits Of Eating Walnuts

Walnut enhances skin beauty. The soft and suppleness of skin is one of the benefits of eating walnut. This is due to its rich content of vitamin E and vitamin B complex. It is also an anti aging treatment, beauticians frequently use for their clients in the form of walnut scrub.

If you have problem of dry hair, or dandruff applying walnut oil regularly is found beneficial in curtailing it. The protein content in walnut also helps hair to remain healthy.

Walnut Benefits During Pregnancy

Eating walnut during pregnancy is of great value for both, the fetus and for the mother. The omega 3 fatty acid which is present in walnut can reduce the chance of skin disease, such as eczema in the child. It also prevents developing asthma in the child. It also helps the fetus to develop a healthy nervous system.

Walnut also reduces the chance of developing pregnancy related hypertension. Woman, who has history of post partum depression, should eat walnut regularly during pregnancy.