Benefits Of Eating Fruit On An Empty Stomach: Myths and Hoax

Benefits of Eating Fruit on an Empty Stomach

Much discussion has revolved around the proper way of eating fruits. Having awareness on this subject matter is beneficial for the individual who wants the optimal benefits of fruits in the diet.

  • When people eat fruits without any other food, they can prevent bloating and gas retention.
  • Having other food slows down the digestion process
  • Fruits that don’t get digested tend to cause an acidic reaction causing conditions like heartburn, diarrhea and bloating.
  • The wrong way of consuming fruits leads poor health conditions related to physical appearances. It is linked to graying hairs, eye bags, halitosis and male pattern baldness.

Myths, Hoax about Eating Fruit on an Empty Stomach

  • Any type of food consumed by the body is processed by acidic juices in the stomach. So if eating bread or fruit is a concern for indigestion, the stomach releases enzymes that are supposed to be acidic for proper absorption of nutrients.
  • Bloating is not caused by fruit intake, but improper practices of drinking liquids and eating fiber.

Facts about Eating Fruits

  • Eat fresh fruit that is unprocessed. If drinking freshly squeezed juice, consume immediately right after taking it out of the blending machine.
  • Fruits have anti oxidizing properties that can fight free radicals that cause diseases and infections.
  • As part of a balanced diet, eat five portions of fruits and vegetables each day.
  • Consuming fruits prevents risks of cancer, type 2 diabetes, kidney stones and coronary heart disease.
  • Folate in fruits contributes to reducing birth defects among pregnant women.
  • Eating fruits is the simplest way of giving the body the best health benefits from a good diet.
  • It can protect the mind from mood swings, anxiety attack and aggressive behavior.