Benefits of Eating Fruit in the Morning: Apples, Banana Health Benefits

Benefits of Eating Apples in the Morning

Eating fruits for breakfast is a popular option for health-conscious people. The benefits of eating fruit in the morning can lead to general wellness, particularly an enhanced immune system.

  • The popular adage of eating ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is true, because of the nutritional value of the fruit.
  • Apples offer only about 60 to 100 calories and have less sodium and fat, making it an ideal breakfast for people who are conscious of their weight.
  • Nutrients like fiber, antioxidants and pectin control the increase of bad cholesterol in the body.
  • Phytochemicals in the apple ensure the body’s defense against colon cancer and respiratory problems.
  • Apples have tannic acid that promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Health Benefits of Eating Banana in the Morning

  • Enzymes in bananas speed up absorption of nutrients in the body and bowel elimination.
  • Bananas are low in calories especially when eaten raw.
  • With a high dose of potassium, bananas keep the central nervous system, as well as bones and kidney, healthy. It lessens the risk of kidney stones.
  • Bananas have trytophan that aids the body in secreting serotonin, a vital hormone that can soothe or sedate the body during stressful situation.
  • This fruit is also rich in dietary fiber and vitamin B6, allowing the development of a healthy immune system especially among kids.

Fruits to Avoid In the Morning:

  • Avoid drinking commercially prepared fruit juices that are packed with artificial coloring, preservatives and sugars.
  • Dried fruits like figs, raisins, plums and mango are not advisable to be consumed in the morning, as it may cause stomach upset.
  • Make sure that the fruits eaten during breakfast are in its purest and freshest state to gain the full benefits of the nutrients inside.