Health Benefits Of Eating Bee Pollen: Its Medicinal Properties

Bee pollen is the pollen stored by honey bees in their hives. It is food for young bees. We all know pollen is male part of flower and it is valuable for fertilization. While secreting nectar from flowers, honey bees collect pollen in the small sacs located in their leg. It is used as food for young bee. Bee pollen is praised universally for its nutritive content and remarkable ability to provide energy. For centuries it is used as food.

Bee pollen has been considered a powerful healing agent, a source of regenerative power and for some ancients, a secret to eternal youth.

Bee pollen cannot be produced in laboratory because its chemical makeup is so complex that preparing it artificially has eluded even today’s modern technology.

Why Is Bee Pollen Good For Your Health?

The benefits of eating bee pollen have been given much attention through numerous studies and testimonials from users.  Many bee pollen supplements are available in the market to give consumers access to its health properties.

Bee pollen contains a rich array of vitamins and minerals. Bee pollen is rich in B- vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. It also contains vitamin A, E, C and folic acid.  A significant part of its composition is made up of protein and is very low in sodium and fat.

Approximately 20 percent of bee pollen is made up of amino acids, a type of essential protein. It also contains rutin and human growth hormone factor and gonadotropin. Minerals found in bee pollen include magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, silica, phosphorus, manganese and sulfur.

Some of the widely reported benefits of eating bee pollen include:

  • Assist in speedy recovery during an illness.
  • All-around maintenance of good health.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Prevents sleep disorders, nausea and urinary tract diseases.

Medicinal Properties Of Bee Pollen

  • In traditional Chinese medicine, bee pollen is used to strengthen the immunity system and provide energy during weight loss programs.
  • It is also used a supplement to provide stamina for a physically active lifestyle. It is an ultimate panacea for athletes. It helps to increase their stamina during training. This rejuvenating and energy rising properties are due to carbohydrates, proteins, and B vitamins present in bee pollen.
  • Some cancer studies report faster recovery from the debilitating effects of chemotherapy among cancer patients due to bee pollen intake.
  • Bee pollen contains inverted sugar which does not ferment in intestinal tract. It reduces inflammation in intestine and acts as a natural lubricant. It helps to prevent constipation and gas as the lubricating effect increases peristalsis.
  • It is effective in controlling weight because of lecithin. This ingredient helps to breakdown fats. Eating bee pollen reduces abnormal food craving. People who want to lose weight should take bee pollen on empty stomach.
  • Bee pollen inhibits production of histamine thereby decreases the symptoms of allergy which usually accompany an allergic reaction. Histamine produced by the immune response to an allergen can cause symptoms like itching, watery and red swollen eyes etc.
  • Bee pollen is a natural antibiotic. It is able to fight certain germs such as E. coli, proteus which are known to produce diseases. Taking bee pollen regularly can increase body’s resistance to infection.
  • Bee pollen is known to boost hormones responsible for reproduction and vitality. It is considered to be an aphrodisiac. In women, bee pollen can restore the normal function of ovaries and increase the chance of pregnancy.

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