Alkaline Diet To Conceive A Boy: Alkaline Foods To Have Baby Boy

In olden times, midwives often advise pregnant mothers who want to conceive a boy to observe a certain diet – the alkaline diet. In this day and age, the alkaline diet has been much researched including its effect on gender selection during conception.

It is important to understand that there are two chromosomes responsible for gender selection: the Y chromosome and the X chromosome. The Y chromosome or male chromosome is vulnerable and weak but are faster. The X chromosome or female chromosome is slow, but are strong and hardy. These chromosome characteristics help play a part in gender selection.

An Alkaline Environment:

  • In order to conceive a boy, the sperm carrying the Y chromosome must win and reach the egg
  • This means that the cervical environment of the female must support the characteristics of the Y chromosome
  • The Y chromosome cannot survive in a highly acidic environment. The sperm carrying this chromosome will die early
  • The sperm carrying the Y chromosome can survive in an alkaline environment which increases the chances of conceiving a boy naturally

Alkaline Diet to Conceive a Baby Boy

  • Ingesting more alkaline foods can help change the cervical environment of the woman trying to conceive.
  • Alkaline foods include fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts and the like.
  • Observing an alkaline diet to have a boy doesn’t mean completely eliminating acidic foods from the diet.
  • The alkaline diet recommends an intake of 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods.
  • It is also recommended that both parents observe an alkaline diet for a baby boy and not just the woman, for better results.
  • The interested couple may approach a nutritionist or buy a book on alkaline diet to have access to a comprehensive list of alkaline foods as well as recipes.