Acid Forming Foods To Avoid: List Of Foods That Form Acid In Body

Acid forming foods are those foods that increase acidity in the body after it has been ingested. Foods are classified into two categories: acidic and alkaline. Acidity and alkalinity in your body are measured according to pH scale. pH stands for Potential of Hydrogen.

Water which has a pH scale of 7 is considered to be neutral. Anything below pH of 7 is considered as acidic, while anything above pH of 7 is considered to be alkaline. Normal blood pH is 7.40 (range 7.36 to 7.44). Human blood is slightly alkaline. Food which has its pH value above 7 is considered to be alkaline, while foods that have pH lower than 7 are considered to be acidic.

Foods That Form Acid In Body

Acid pH in the body occurs from eating acid forming foods, stress and anxiety, toxins and conditions that deprive the cells of Oxygen. Body will try to neutralize the acidic pH by  utilizing the alkalinity present in the minerals. If the foods are deficient in minerals, there is a risk acid level building up in the body.

Increase of acidic level in the body results in less absorption of minerals in the body. Acid forming food decreases the ability of body cells to perform its work: such as production of energy, restoration of cellular damage and detoxification, which may invite diseases and illnesses.

The reason for increased acid level in our body is due to modern day diet practices and foods that we consume. We eat acid forming foods like meat, fish, eggs and dairy products that are high in acid content. Besides these we consume refined sugar and white flour in large quantities. They all contribute to acid formation in our body. Artificial sweeteners, flavors and food additives add to the normal body acidic pH.

List Of Acid Forming Foods To Be Avoided

For maintaining optimum health, our diet should consist of 60 percent alkaline forming food and 40 percent acid forming food. In sickness, the diet should consist of more alkaline food than acid forming food.

Here is a list of acid forming foods that should be avoided or restricted especially when you are suffering from kidney diseases and related illnesses:

  • Meat, eggs, fish, lentils and legumes.
  • Cheese, butter, milk, peanuts, cashews and walnuts
  • Cocoa, coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol, beer and other alcoholic drinks and vinegar.
  • Cranberries, plums and blueberries
  • Cornstarch, corns, barley, oats, noodles, white flour, white rice, rye, quinoa and macaroni.
  • White sugar and custard made from white sugar, pastries and cakes made from white flour.