1600 Calorie Diet Meal Plan For Women: What Is A 1600 Calorie Diet

What Is A 1600 Calorie Diet Menu Plan?

  • This kind of diet generally illustrates a daily menu that is taken from all of the needed food groups that equals to 1600 calories.
  • Patients do not need to suffer intense hunger while using this diet. Snacks can be incorporated that are high in fiber but low in calories like celery, cucumbers, lettuce, and broccoli.
  • There is small percentage of patients going off the diet since the approach does not deprive patients from their favorite meals but rather it takes or recommends a healthier approach in choosing the right kinds of foods.
  • Patients should determine their personal energy or calorie needs which are based upon needed or recommended weight and height. This is usually computed using the BMR or the Base Metabolic Rate.
  • Patients just need to follow a regular daily diet that consists of the needed calories that had been calculated.
  • Good example includes meals that contain 3 servings from the fruit group, 3 servings from the complex carbohydrates or grain group, 5 servings of vegetables, 3.5 servings dairy, and 4 servings from the protein group.
  • Patients can also try breaking down the 1600 calorie by having 300 calories for breakfast, 500 for three snacks, 400 calories for lunch, and 400 calories for dinner.
  • All food and beverages count even a small candy and a cup of coffee.

1600 Calorie Diet Meal Plan For Women

  • A 1600 calorie per day is a good goal for patients who are over 25 years old.
  • Shorter patients who have small frames may need a fewer calories in order to maintain a healthy and ideal weight.
  • This is also ideal for medium-sized patients that do regular exercise and want to lose weight and for those that do little exercise but wants to maintain weight.
  • A large-sized patient with little exercise can benefit from this diet.
  • There are some patients who should not use this kind of diet and these are the ones with larger frames, athletes, and those who are breastfeeding. They may need more calories to maintain a healthy body.
  • This generally involves staggering meals throughout the day. Usually, there are two snacks that are incorporated between meals and one evening snack.
  • For most women patients, the diet also includes an exercise plan that involves cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises.

1600 Calorie Diet Plan For Men

  • 1600 calories per day is a healthy average for men in their 30s and above who have smaller frames, do not do strenuous type of work, and those who are not athletes. Usually, men need to have at least 1800 to 2000 calories a day to fit their daily nutritional needs.
  • Those men who plan to lose weight but want to build on muscles should increase calorie intake and not use this kind of diet.