Protein in Urine in Diabetes | High Protein Urine in Diabetes Symptoms

How does person knows, if he has high protein in urine diabetes?

The presence of high protein in urine is a medical condition called proteinuria. This condition can be due to serious health illnesses such as chronic kidney diseases caused by diabetes, kidney inflammation, and high blood pressure. Proteinuria happens when the kidney, due to diseases, fails to filter important proteins like albumin in the blood, thus allowing protein to mix with urine resulting to protein in urine diabetes.

Symptoms of High Protein Urine in Diabetes

A person with high protein in urine diabetes can experience the following symptoms:

  • Foamy urine in the toilet
  • Because of lack of protein, the body can no longer saturate enough liquids.
    This results to swelling in the face, hands, and different areas in the body.

Treatment for High Protein Urine in Diabetes

If you noticed that you are experiencing the mentioned symptoms of having high protein urine diabetes, do the following steps as soon as you can.

  • Seek for a medical advice. Visit your family doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • If you have symptoms of high protein in urine, you would certainly be advised for a urine test to ascertain the level of protein and to determine the cause of high protein in your urine.
    Knowing its cause would determine the kind of treatment that would be applied to you.
  • If diabetes is the cause of high protein in your urine, the primary move is to control your blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Proper monitoring of your sugar level and blood pressure should be carefully observed.
  • Have a healthy diet plan. Avoid eating three heavy meals. Instead, take frequent but small meals like six times in a day. Avoid eating oily and high cholesterol food or consult a dietician for proper guidance.
  • Take your medicines religiously. Avoid skipping drug intake.
  • Have the amount of exercise prescribed by your physician.