Lemon for Diabetes | Benefits of Lemon Juice To Diabetics

How Lemon Can Help Relieve Diabetes Symptoms

Lemon for Diabetes
Lemon Juice

Certainly, one cannot argue that medical treatments for diabetes are generally the best cure for this disease. However, there are still some people who place their hopes in the belief that alternative medicine can do wonders for certain diseases such as diabetes. One such remedy that some people have come up with is by drinking lemon. Lemon for diabetes has been proven by some to prevent or at least reduce its annoying symptoms.

Generally, people suffering from diabetes have slower digestion compared with people who do not experience such diseases. Internally, diabetic individuals produce low levels of acid and digestive enzymes in the stomach. In this case, lemon for diabetics has been found out to aid in replacing stomach acid and help in enhancing digestion through the production of stomach acid and enzymes. Lemon juice, vinegar, and other acidic foods have natural properties to change the rate of how carbohydrates are processed and can also affect your body’s blood sugar control.

Benefits of Lemon Juice for Diabetics

Lemon for diabetics can be taken in by patients through simply adding lemon juice to water.

At about half a teaspoon of lemon juice to eight ounce of water will be enough to use as a regular remedy to relieve symptoms of diabetes. Vinegar can also be a good way of treating diabetes. Apple cider vinegar in tablet forms is available in some health centers. These tablets are made convenient so that the taste would not be unpleasant once taken.

On the other hand, if a person is suffering from heartburn, the intake of acidic food can worsen this condition. If you experience frequent heartburn during your medication of lemon and vinegar to treat diabetes, this may be inappropriate for you. Hence, it is a matter of importance to consult with your doctor on which foods to take and which are to be avoided relative to your condition.


  1. SM said:

    I have been adding freshly squeezed lemon into my water and have noticed some weight loss. I am also a diabetic and the only thing I have changed was no eating after 7 pm. Adding lemon to my water even when I am at work and drinking water with lemon, not just with meals. The first week I did this, I lost 5lbs. I still watch my carb and sugar intake, avoiding as much as possible. I don’t get much exercise but now that the warmer weather is here, I will get more of that as well.

    March 24, 2012

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